2007 WWE Draft Preview


[19:16] Albert: why do you hate cat pictures???
[19:16] thecubsfan: well, I hate cats
[19:16] Albert: but they’re adorable.
[19:17] thecubsfan: but posting cat pictures is a l33t thing to do and I was calling you out
[19:17] Albert: I was using all that stuff ironically
[19:17] Albert: although I’m sure you know
[19:17] thecubsfan: actually, I was pretty pleased orginally, because I knew I had to hurry to cut down Hobbes before you could beat me to it.
[19:17] Albert: haha
[19:18] Albert: I just think it’s funny to use conventions from other message boards because they look so out of place in anachronistic, plain text Delphi
[19:18] thecubsfan: they totally do and thank god for that
[19:18] Albert: and that place could use a little life
[19:18] Albert: it’s dying on the vine
[19:19] thecubsfan: well, yea, because it’s a wrestling discussion board where no one cares about wrestling any more. It’ll be a long summer before people can start talking to themselves about their favorite shows again.
[19:19] Albert: yeah
[19:19] Albert: the draft, though!
[19:20] thecubsfan: that’ll Shake Things Up
[19:20] thecubsfan: FUNAKI TO RAW
[19:20] thecubsfan: CHUCK PALUMBO TO SMACKDOWN
[19:20] Albert: we should do a special draft preview on
[19:21] Albert: and it can just be this chat
[19:21] thecubsfan: That IS the quality people expect from the site
[19:21] Albert: trueness

15 Responses to 2007 WWE Draft Preview

  1. I’ve sunk to posting AIM chats. It’s all over.

  2. i think the draft will end in some famous tag teams being broken like the hardy’s and maybe even deuce and domino.

  3. i hope john cena stays on raw and that Khali gets moved to Smackdown.

  4. I hope Bobby Lashley goes to Raw, Mr. McMahon. Mr. McMahon I want you to have Umaga stay on Raw and Bobby Lashley go to Raw, because I’m going to the WWE Raw show live next Monday with my dad. I want you, Shane McMahon, and Umaga to bulldoze over Bobby Lashley’s head next week. I’m your biggest fan, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon

  5. Tanner Gauthier

    I want Bobby Lashley, Umaga, The Hardys, John Cena, Batista, and Edge go to Raw. I like the Hardy Boyz’ dance moves. I like John Cena. I like Batista and Edge’s music. I want Umaga, Shane McMahon, and you, Vincent Kennedy McMahon to destroy Bobby Lashley. I am going with my parents and my best friend (my future WWE Tag Team Partner), Joel Smith (future Joelhood) next Monday. Please me and Joel Smith are your biggest fans.

  6. from da next wwe champion and peeps fave d-man
    …edge ,cena ,n lashley nead 2 be on da same brand which iz smackdown

  7. dont want the hardy’s to be split apart, they are THE best tag team ever! I also want Batista and Cm punk to move to raw, they are so cool!

  8. The ECW “extreme” expose should each be split apart.Kelly Kelly to raw,Brooke to smackdown,and Layla to stay on ECW

  9. Mark henry should move to ECW……..That jerk!

  10. John Cena should stay on Raw,I mean Jonh Cena IS Raw!

  11. I want duce and domino to be seperated!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I want The Hardys both go to ECW.

  13. the drafts should be great

  14. Looks like everyone was correct.