Game 15: Cubs 3 – Braves 0


Cubs 6-9, split the series
Braves 10-5

POTG: SP Rich Hill (8 IP, 3 H, 3 BB, 7 K, 0 R – QS + W 3 [9])
Runner Up: 3B A Ram (HR, good defense), C Michael Barrett (HR, 2 H) – not The Riot since he got thrown out with Derek up.

See, I watched about 5 minutes of Baseball Tonight, and they made a mistake. They’re saying Rich Hill is pitching like Zito, and I’m pretty sure it’s Barry Zito who’d like to be Rich Hill this month. Actually, everyone in the league would like to have these numbers:

22 IP
0.41 ERA
.110 AVG
18 K
3 W

This is a bit unreal. He’ll get 2 more starts this month if everything stays on schedule – versus Milwaukee (the day after the Brewers go for vengeance on Z) and in Pittsburg at the end of the month. If he just does okay, I think he’s gotta be pitcher of the month. He’s got half the team wins, after all!

I know people who will be thrilled that Pinella is bringing in Bobby Dernier to teach people how to run bases a bit better, after the issues with Murton yesterday (and Ryan today.) This is a credit to Pinella; Dusty would seem to give up on fixing any fundamental problems once spring training ended.

It’s very heartening to see the Cubs actually use DeRosa in right field against a lefty instead of Jacque. It’s the move we’ve been hoping for since DeRosa got signed, and it’s shows a desire to win over playing for making people happy (DeRosa only playing second, Jacque playing against lefties when he sucks.)

Sweep the Cardinals and get to 500. Shouldn’t be so hard.

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Game 14: Braves 8 – Cubs 6


Cubs 5-9
Braves 10-4

POTG: 1B D Lee (2 R, 2 2B, RBI, BB)
Runner Up: CF Pie (2 R, 3B, BB) 2B DeRosa (HR, 2 RBI), RF Jones (2 H, 2B)

Yea, it took 14 games before I missed a deadline. I haven’t been doing so well the last few days, but I think I’m getting it back together by this weekend. I hope so, anyway.

Lots of questions about Z’s contract after this start – is it affecting him? should it still get done? would the Cubs now be better of waiting? – but I mostly think the answer is “it’s too soon to tell, he always has bad Aprils.”

(Actually, the answers may be No, Yes, No, but never mind.)

As bad as Z’s start was, this game was lost on Eyre, and to a greater extent, by having this game follow a 14 inning game where the bullpen was all used. It was pretty obvious the day before that Eyre was only used for .1 because that’s all he had, and it doesn’t seem like he had much left for today.

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