Game 7: Astros 5 – Cubs 3


Cubs 3-4
Astros 2-5

POTG: CF Soriano (H, R, great base running)
Runner Up: C Michael Barrett (2 H, 2B, RBI, BB), RF Jacque Jones (2 H), RP Michael Wuertz (1 IP, BB, K, 2 of 2 IR stranded)

I guess you could put Lilly down in the above average column too, since he did scratch out a quality start, but that only happened because Wuertz bailed him out and kept the team in the game. Too bad Howry still not pitching well.

That Soriano play sounded awesome, and based on him being ready for the chance before the pitch started. Jones gets credit for hitting it in such a place, but Soriano made it a tie game. Nice debut.

DeRosa and Floyd going 0 for 7, leaving 9 on base, is not quite the way to go. I didn’t see this game, but got the impression form the radio and reading that the Cubs should’ve done much more with Woody Williams, and waited back when they should’ve struck. How unlike them.

Cesar Izturis seems to be having better at bats this season. Don’t know if that means anything or if it’ll stick.

I want to head up to Milwaukee for Indians/Angels on Wednesday – AL baseball returns to Wisconsin! $10 tickets! – but I think I may be busy doing lame stuff. I was considering going to Cougars opening day today, but it was a 3 PM start and I couldn’t be there till 4:15 at the soonest and kinda feel like a nap rather than sitting out in the cold. I’ll be there soon enough.