Heat #459



I was hoping the Candice/Victoria match was better, because I was so willing to start yelling “Candice is a better wrestler than Mickie”. If you haven’t heard the last dozen times I alluded to it, I think Mickie’s either overrated or living off a rep at this point…but she’s still better than Candice was here.

This match was comparable with, say, Mr. JL vs Dean Malenko from ’96 WCWSN. (Though only in the “you broke them, now you must make it to them by losing” way.)

What I realized after the fact is Candice has been with WWE for two years, and this appears to be her first match ever on Heat. Not like she’s wrestling weekly on RAW. No matter how much practice you’re doing, you actually have to do TV matches to get TV matches, and Candice doesn’t seem to get enough of those.

ALSO, every time she’s announced from Milwaukee, it makes me laugh, so she needs to be on this so forever. And also – how do I say this – she made elective surgery look good tonight.

This was far more interesting to talk about than the other matches. Val’s a fool for signing to wrestle anyone but Charlie Haas.

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Game 6: Cubs 4 – Brewers 9


Cubs 3-3 (win series 2-1)
Brewers 3-3

POTG: 1B Derek Lee (2 H, R, 2B, 2 RBI)

This was the most random lineup yet, though I understand the plan. Ryan’s now played 15 innings in OF, and 3 at 2B.

Hey, Wade Miller isn’t good. I’m shocked. I figure he gets 3 more starts before something can be done – Pinella will impress me if he gives him a shorter leash. Miller probably won’t be this bad again, but I don’t think he’s going to be much good. Since Prior still isn’t pitching, I guess we’re waiting for Angel to force them into giving him another starting chance.

Not a good sign to see Eyre blow up. Nor DeRosa K 4 times. Eh.