Game 4: Cubs 9 – Brewers 3


Cubs 2-2
Brewers 2-2

POTG: SP Rich Hill (7 IP, HR, E, 6 K; W 7)
Runner up: LF Cliff Floyd (2 2B, 2 RBI, R), 1B D Lee (2H, 2B, R), 3B A Ram (2 H, R), 2B D Rosa (HR, 2 RBI), C Michael Barrett (2 H, 2 RBI, BB, R)

Well, that was quite awesome. I was messaging back and forth during the game with a friend – he was concerned because it seemed like the Brewers were just barely missing his pitches the first five innings. My thinking is that’s how Rich Hill is going to look when he’s good, because of his big hook. He’s going to have runs where his mechanics are off and he becomes very hittable, and he’s going to have runs where everything’s flowing just right, making him unhittable. He seemed pretty locked in right now.

I was fine with taking him out in the 7th; it’s early, and it was garbage inning time. I was pleased to see Angel Guzman used for two innings; that’s a spot where Dusty would’ve gotten two guys in for an inning and made them both useless (or less useful) for tomorrow. They’ve got plenty of people for tomorrow if Carlos has any problems.

No one’s confirmed this yet, but I believe Murton and Floyd are in the world’s first Day/Night platoon. Pinella is a crafty genius.

The notes columns have talk about Cedeno playing in the OF. It’d be nice for the Cubs to get one more option, but more so, since Cedeno doesn’t get to play the Brewers every day, being even slightly more than yet another no-hit middle infielder can only help his career.

DeRosa’s on a pace for 81 home runs. Yet another big money deal that looks wonderful (so far.)

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