Game 2: Cubs 4 – Reds 1


Cubs 1-1
Reds 1-1

POTG: SP Ted Lilly (7 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 9 K; W 60)
Runner Up: 3B A Ram (3 H, 2 R), 2B D Rosa (2 H, 2 RBI)

Vegas is laying odds of me making all 162 at about 100:1. I think I’ll fare better if I don’t drag these out so much.

Gil Meche pitched good in his debut, Ted Lilly pitched good in his debut – obviously, these big money deals for pitchers well spent. I look forward to Marquis’ 7 IP, 1 R performance!

It seems the plan is to throw Ryan Theriot in random positions with no warning (except not SS, because he’s actually played that!) and see if he sinks or swims. Based on his first experience in LF, this should be good for some laughs. By the way, I’d like to start a movement: all Cubs fans should refer to Ryan as athletic (which he is) and compare him to Chone Figgins (which remains to be seen), just to confuse fans of other teams when he turns out to a white guy.

It’d nice if we could get extra base hits, but it’s too soon to get picky about those technicalities.

Pinella being proactive, and yelling at Dempster to stop walking people before he blew a save doing it, was great to see.

ECW 04/03


I watched this show for the first time since – maybe the Hammerstein show? I don’t know, that sounds plausible.

I’m not exactly sure why I bothered, but I was glad I did. The main event had to be one of the better matches they’ve had in this run. They made the most of no DQ and keep the action constantly going; there were no dead spots waiting for someone to set up props, because if that happened at all, it was in the background of two other guys fighting. They kept the focus on whatever fight was on the ring instead of requiring you to pay attention to four different simultaneous battles.

In these types of matches, it’s usually one side does a spot, the other side does a spot, but it was very ECW Original dominated once the weapons came out. The New Breed spent a lot of time being crash test dummies, and all it made sense, because the environment played towards the Originals. Even the finish worked – it was clean and ought to be, and it was semi-flukey, but semi made you wonder if perhaps the New Breed actually might be more something more than four random dorks.

Reading about the New Breed does no justice to seeing them together. The entrance amused me greatly. They are all just different wacky guys who appear nothing in common with each other, except they’re New. That’s not impossible to fix and can be overcome – the ECW Originals are their own motley crew of randoms when you stop to think about it – but I was figuring there’d be some sort of team unity by this time, especially since I could’ve sworn I saw Striker and Burke wearing matching gear on RAW. If this New Breed thing is supposed to work (and it’s probably not, but if I was in it, I’d kinda go for it working), Kevin Throne has to stop being a Vampire who’s in the New Breed and start being a New Breed Vampire, and Matt Striker has to stop being a Teacher and start being a New Breed Teach, and – well, I have no idea what the heck Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von are supposed to be at this point, but you get the idea.

Anyway, I’m going to guess this is the match they had planned for WrestleMania at one point, and like rumored (dark) tag team battle royal, it got changed/pushed off and recycled on TV because they didn’t want to wear out the crowd and they didn’t have enough time. It was the right decision.

The winners of the “everyone eligible for every PPV” edict is obviously ECW, because they surely weren’t getting another shot otherwise, but more so that they’ve gotten monthly milestones back and can start building feuds towards a climax again. If they’re only willing to blow stuff of on PPVs, at least now they’ve got many more chances to do so, and there will be far less shows that seem like repeats because they’re just dragging things out.

As everyone says every time WWE does a faction feud, it’d be neat if they finished this off in a War Games match (and every time, WWE says no), but if they’re really bring in tag belts as has been discussed, maybe the ultimate match can be in a championship match for them.

I figure they’re never going to do a big match Snitsky against Lashley. If they’re trying to protect and build up Lashley, him in the ring with Snitsky doesn’t help.

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