and 9 more teams


the FBI
Super Crazy/Jimmy Wang Yang
Snitsky/Steven Richards Kane and Undertaker KC Jones and Idol Stevens
Chris Benoit/a broom

9 Responses to and 9 more teams

  1. I seriously believe Benoit would prefer the broom to Shannon Moore.

  2. No Deuce and Domino? And are the FBI even still around?

  3. Deuce and Domino were in the first battle royal. Guido/Nunzio is still around, working the Stevie Richards schedule, but I forget Mamaluke was gone.

    Replacement team: Boogeyman and Shannon Moore.

  4. Rated RKO. Nunzio/Vito. Yang/Noble redneck reunion. Sylvan/Conway since Dupree is on the outs. Snitsky/Goldust if he was still hanging out.

  5. Anyone else notice that they said Chavito/Helms were in the first battle royale, but they were actually in the second one?

  6. Could somebody else please be bothered by Eugene and Duggan being back together? Apologies if this is old news on Heat.

  7. First match had 9 teams, second match had 11 teams, so someone told Chavo and Helms (who really shouldn’t be getting along, since Chavo has Helms’ belt and all) wrong backstage. I figured, uh, Coach was so distracted running RAW with Vince taking care of his non-hair and guys from all three brands being around, that the lineups for both battle royals got switched around a couple times during the day and people got confused.

    Yang/Noble would’ve been the return of the Jung Dragons, I’m disappionted Justin didn’t go all the way with that reference. But Noble’s a bad guy and he can’t be teaming up with a good guy now, that’d just be wrong.

    Eugene magically became a good guy again somewhere along the way, so teaming with Hacksaw sorta makes sense, until you remember how the broke up – they lost a Losing Team May Never Team Again On Raw match to the Spirit Squad. So…yea.

    Val and Viscera haven’t been a team for a year and Val’s a face and Viscera’s a heel, so that was the best goofup.

  8. KC *James,* of course.

  9. Wait, I counted 9 teams in the first match and ten in the second. How do you get 11?