Heat 03/16 (456)

If I write something on Saturday, why am I waiting till Tuesday to write this little blurb to point to it? I dunno. Questions like this, and how to sneak in a link to Albert Ching, Comic Book LA Beat Reporter, are the kinda of things that distract me when I’m busy and don’t get addressed when I’m not.

To be fair to me, this had a Duggan squash, a Cryme Tyme squash, and someone decided Eugene/Kenny was the kind of match that demands an eight minute rematch, so…no one’s missing anything.

Watching RAW, I was wondering how they possibly could manage to do a Heat this week, what with everyone on the Heat roster working RAW (Battle Royal, shaved head), but apparently they got to work twice on Monday. Lucky them.

Also, if Monday was the end of Eugene, I am so ready. If it was a test for Todd as ECW host, I’m okay with that.