stuck on the edge of my mind

So today, I’m stuck inside all day, and walk out to find 65 degree weather. That was bizarre. I swear it was snowing ten days ago.

As I write this around 11, I’ve seen this scroll on ESPNEWS twice

Wyoming expected to fire coach Steve McClain
Wyoming fires coach Steve McClain

The first blurb right after each other. I guess they want to make sure you know what’s up with the men’s basketball program in Wyoming. Maybe for Air Force’s benefit?

random stuff while watching RAW

– Cryme Tyme won the #1 contendership on Janurary 7th. That’s, uh, 64 days ago. TWO MONTHS.

It’s not like the tag team titles haven’t been defended.

01/29: HBK/Cena b Rated RKO (win the titles)
02/26: HBK/Cena b Rated RKO
03/12: HBK/Cena b TWGTT
03/12: HBK/Cena b Cade & Murdoch
03/12: HBK/Cena b MNM

Five different teams have gotten shots before JTG and Shad! I hope this is just an ingenious plan to keep delaying their title shot til WrestleMania, and it’s a secret plan so they can’t tell anyone. That makes sense.

– Is Edge hurt? Perhaps he’s just speaking up for minorities! If only he didn’t hate Cryme Tyme. Edge’s attempt to be the evilest man ever is fun to watch.

– The thing about Kane and Khali in a chain match is it wouldn’t really hurt their mobility.

TV shows I’m watching

24: I was thinking they just brought back the president and first lady just to live off what they did last year a bit. The impact on the main story was a bit much – the first lady relationship was a nice call back to last season, but everything worked out too quickly at the end to believe – but the stabbing totally made it worth it. I thought Gregory Itzin was only signed for three episodes, and I wouldn’t mind leaving his death/non-death being up in the air. No need to kill of yet another president.

Congrats to Jack for making it out of an hour without physically torturing someone.

TAR: I have absolutely no idea who’s going to win here. I don’t think anyone does after that last leg. If they can get Midget and Me off the show – they’ve been close, but a non-elimination has to be coming up – this might be a really good ending.

Numbers: Last Friday’s show good – I always like episodes where a one episode character becomes reoccurring and where lines like “he picked the wrong computer geek to mess with” are said half kidding. The one three weeks ago, with Don in therapy and the rest of the team handling a kidnapping was awesome. Any show that does a real time format in 2007, and decides they’re not going to do 24, but instead a homage to Run Lola Run of all things, is going to make me go to the thesaurus and look up synonymys for great so I’m not repeating myself. It was the best episode I’ve seen. I don’t know if Numbers is actually an excellent show (probably not), or some show you should seek out if you’re not watching, but it’s a show I’m highly enjoying at the moment. The farther they’ve gone thru the season, the more I’ve liked it (like Psyche, which totally grew on me and was terrific by the end of the season.)