1 of 2 to go


Loyola (Chicago) 75 – Butler 71

That’s 1! Schilb took over the game (Mid Majority writes some nice things about him and the team), but I was still worried when everyone was fouling out and he was left to be the ball handler. Rebounds late can be great. The win causes Loyola to leap 17 spots in the RPI to 90. Wright State is 83, but I believe has clinched a NIT spot by winning the confrence, though I don’t know how they actually did that.

Loyola beat Butler by 4 @ Butler
Butler beat Loyola by 4 @ Loyola

The third game, if Loyola beats the 6-7 winner (one never knows for sure with this team), would be a neutral site game at Wright State. I guess it’s gonna have to go to OT?

The other question is – with the SIU loss (not bad) and the Loyola loss (kinda bad), is Butler in trouble if they lose again? Butler’s dropped to 31 in the RPI, which is going to make it a bit scary. They should make it, but who knows.

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