RAW 12/25


Montage of more trooperstar interactions. Torrie was proposed to by three Iraqis! She and Kidman are still meant to be, damnit. Chris Masters says his fiancee’s brother is stationed in Iraq. OMG, Chris Masters and Chuck Palumbo are engaged.

– Justin Shapiro, RAW 12/25

5 Responses to RAW 12/25

  1. Hey everybody i think WWE tribute to the troops is just fab fair play to you guys for making the troops xmas so much better and it’s gr8 how they got to give messages to their family back home the only problem was that d-generation x weren’t there because i just love Dx. DX FOREVER luv u guys frm us all here in ireland cant wait to ree you in dublin in june XxXxXxXxXx

  2. Hey lads i love WWE and i would love to become a wrestler someday and i would love to thank the hardy BOYZ and Dx for making me wanna become i wrestler i think the tribute to the the troops was good and i’m so happy that that solider broke the masterlock that really made my day i hope you lads have a wonderful time in dublin ireland when ye come to visit in june see ye there. Happy new year frm all us paddys

  3. Rated rko u suck i mean ye really tried to end Dx well ha ha ye’ll never hold Dx down DX and JOHN CENA ROCK on 4eva torri and maria r sexy XxXxXxXxXx

  4. What? I’m embarassed for the old country. Finnegans Wake-Up Calls all around.

  5. Hey me again i would just like to say Umaga if you like i will fight you when u cum 2 dublin in june i’ll take u on so r u up 4 it or r u afraid?