the 19 point comeback


We played last night. I wish we could fit more games in, but somehow these seem to go an hour each. Too many incomplete passes?

09: Chiefs 42 – Cardinals* 14
10: Bears* 22 – Chiefs 19

If you read those box scores, you can tell I sucked big in the 1st game, didn’t look good for the first half of the second game, and somehow turned it around it around in the second game. I did figure it out, but I don’t know if it’s a fair thing to explain here. (I can point out looking at the stats, so I think you can figure it out if you really need to know.) I can tell you that, by about mid 2Q in the second game, I was 100% frustrated and completely hating the game. That changed about the time of the first TD catch.

I was wondering why Jake didn’t try to freeze me on the game winning FG, but that’s another story. What was the deal with your kicking, anyway? The XPs were looking bad all game, till the one you actually missed, and that could’ve changed the second game quite a bit.

For the guy who asked last time, these stats are from Madden on PS2. Once you’re online, there’s a place where you can go to change settings and, in there, there’s a place to request stats to be sent to you after the game. You have to just give them an e-mail address to work with (or a cell phone #, but who would do that?). In the past, it seemed to take a 20 so minutes for the box scores to get to you, but they’ve been there about instantly after the game this year. (They’ll also update you on your ranking or level points or whatever – since it’s just me and Jake splitting games, it doesn’t really change much for me.)

One Response to the 19 point comeback

  1. On XPs, all you gotta do is tap the stick twice real quick and it’ll go in. It doesn’t look good, but it works.

    On the one I missed, I just hit the stick once to see what’d happen. I foolishly bought into your propaganda that the Bears weren’t a good Madden team, and after you suckered me in by letting me score on offense, defense, and special teams in the first half, I was completely unprepared for the Windy City blitzkrieg that followed.