Madden ’07 online


For the sake of fairness, I shall now post the box scores from today’s Jake vs me Madden 07 games.

Chiefs/Jake 31 – Seahawks/me 14
Chiefs/Jake 24 – Seahawks/me 14

I don’t want to talk about it.

(Except, for sure, this was actually the best experience I’ve had playing Madden ’07 online so far.)

3 Responses to Madden ’07 online

  1. I think some goofy mishaps on my end actually served to benefit me. I kept having to restart my PS2 because the DNAS authentication screen keeps hanging for some reason, and I have these memory card add-on things that give you extra space to save stuff. But you gotta push this button for them to load from the memory card itself, rather than from the add-on.

    And on the final time I rebooted, the time the DNAS actually worked, I forgot to hit the button. So it didn’t load any of my saved Madden settings, and the controller config wasn’t set like I like it. I tried to fix it mid-game, but it didn’t seem to be having any of that.

    So rather than controlling defenders myself and probably giving up big play after big play by taking my guy well out of position, I mostly sat there and let the CPU handle it. I think I gave up a big TD pass by trying to figure out the right buttons, and after that I just gave up.

  2. Ooh I can play Madden online now. Mayhaps I should put up or shut up. Go big or go home. Bring it back, Don. Bring it back.

  3. how do u do this