Joe Versus The World – 9: Dr. Keith Lipinski


It’s Japan week at JVSTW, as Dr. Keith Lipinski joins us to discuss all the goings on in New Japan, All Japan, Noah, and Zero One, plus a detailed review of the 6/17 Hustle-Aid show, plus talk of mustaches, Misawa in video games, Keith’s dream of getting slapped by Antonio Inoki, and Keith and do the Hustle chant (well, we tried anyway). Our biggest show ever!

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ROH 06/24


Scott DID go to ROH show.

So seeing as ECW went right into the ol’ shitter, but I still want to try watching wrestling as I find it a great distraction and will always have a loyalty to it no matter how shitty it can get, I decided to go to Ring of Honor. Oh the fun! (more)

Scott’s feelings about ROH vs CZW in Chicago mirror mine (at least at the last show.)

Scott’s got a NEW boxing blog: Bad Left Hook. Check it out!

Heat 06/24


Here. 2/3rds of the matches are repeats from last week, and we’ve seen Conway vs Val a time or two. JR on Heat is kinda wacky; they haven’t shifted one of Josh or Romero over? Don’t need both of them to do international work, I’d think.

Def Comedy Sabin


Have I mentioned the stuff of on R&B and WV is still funny and good? Like for one, there’s no possible way I’d care about TNA or SmackDown if not for their recaps.

In case someone thought I thought otherwise. In case I accidently gave a different impression or something. Something something something.

(This is why they never let me out of The Room. What can you do? Stop typing already)

Unrelated: not going to ROH today. Got stuff to do. Hope the people who go have fun. I heard a rumor that Scott’s going.

This is how things work


After the nightmare that was me trying to watch ECW last week, Sci Fi is coming in perfectly fine this week.

I’m still glad I gave up the beat – I did give up the beat, I’m so not recapping – but if they make good on today’s rumored promised Not To Suck, I’ll at least get to watch it. (After the Finals and/or some AAA.)

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Joe Vs. The World #8: Tanvir Raquib


Tanvir Raquib joins us to discuss ECW, including thoughts on One Night Stand I & II, ECW on Sci-Fi, THE ZOMBIE, Great Khali, Stevie Richards forced to wrestle in a parallell dimension where Hitler won WWII, Sabu, more Great Khali, why the Dudleys should be the new Bushwhackers, and an impassioned argument why Kamala > The Godfather. Forty seven minutes of heaven.

You can read Tanvir’s old articles here, and he may or may not run the WON midcarders obits page on blogspot. He for sure has a blog he hasn’t updated since 2005

Right click and download the mp3 file here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, or add it to your iTunes Podcasts by clicking here. If you’ve missed an edition, click on the microphone icon in the upper right hand corner of this post to see all of the ones we’ve done so far. Thanks to Tanvir for sharing his time, and thanks to you for listening – we’d love to hear your feedback either below, or at joegagne AT charter DT net.

Day 12: 06/16



Called it.
Inoue over Liger, I reckon.

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Best of the rest


(I am so tired. This may not make sense)

I’m sure you’re sick of reading about ECW on Sci Fi by now; I know I kinda am. Still, there’s something that was mentioned that’s been stuck in my head, and I’ve been thinking it over for a day.

During the title belt presentation skit to start the show, Styles said like “RVD was the best wrestler never to win a world title.” Storyline wise, that’s seems correct, and if we take it as so, who does that leave? Who is the best current wrestler to never be world (singles) champion?

This is much more a golf concept than a wrestling one, but it’s been used as a tag line before on screen for Chris Benoit and by fans for Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero, among others. The increased amount of title changes (and the increased amount of World champions) means there’s less to choose from, but I think it’s still an interesting question – you get to play with the nebulous concept of “merit” and rate their current level of performance to figure out their “current wrestler” level; it’s a perfect unanswerable question (which I usually hate.)

There’s actually a question inside of a question, too:
“Does holding [promotion name here]’s World Title truly make them a World Champion?” Depending on whether the ROH Title is a world title in your mind, Joe and Danielson may be eligible. A cynic may want to make the case that the NWA/TNA and/or SmackDown! titles aren’t/haven’t been world titles for a while, but I wouldn’t go that far. I think those decisions you’ve got to come up on your own.

For simplicities sake, I think you might have to narrow it down to “best wrestler in their region” and assume US. I have no idea who’d it’d be in Japan, and Mexico depends heavily on what titles are World Titles. (I’m thinking either Perro, Chessman, or Bucanero, but I’m afraid I’m missing someone.)

In the US, who would YOU pick as the best current wrestler? It wasn’t really obvious to me at first, but I thought about it for a day, and I think I have an answer. I’ll put it after the link just so you can think about it.


the morning after


I didn’t get a copy of the show till 1:00am (and that was in a wacky WinAmp format of all things – a good avi didn’t get downloaded till later), but I steadfastly stayed away from wrestling sites and such so I wouldn’t be tipped off.

That meant I had no idea about the seemingly universal reaction to the show till I finished around about 3AM (lovely hobby I’ve got here). I’d like to think the posts I made around 3:30 were some fading sugar rush from the Mountain Dew I was drinking to stay awake, but really, it felt like complete vindication for hating the Versus show.

I think a lot of people gave that show a break, and figuring the content of that show was because it was still a WWE, and once the ECW label was the only one the show, things would change. That show instead convinced me that ECW was just going to be a third brand (and “ECW” because that draws better then “Heat”), and that’s what was presented tonight.

Still, I knew this one was messed up the moment they started
ECW Open: sudden violence (recall the flaming table spot to start TNN?) and/or people already in the ring and ECW being chanted, angle, then the open
WWE Open: Clips of what happened last as heat up, open, introduction

The moment you didn’t see Paul Heyman or Rob Van Dam already standing in the center of the ring, you should’ve known.

It is kinda mystifying how things got screwed up. Looking at SmackDown’s rating and RAW’s recent single brand PPVs (and what the guy on the Motley Fool keeps saying), it’s not a great time in the market to be starting a third brand. There isn’t really a demand for a third version of the same thing right now and I’m sure WWE would’ve said the same thing six months ago – but that’s where we’ve ended up.

It’s not even the toned down aspects which are a problem – they’re doing this like it’s nWo Nitro; a stable with no particular intra-strife taking over, and feuding with people who should be on other shows. You could make a case that Big Show’s a heel (but he’s really just been pushed as “angry”) and maybe Kurt’s a face (only because he’s feuding with a heel on another show), but everyone else is are just people in a gray area. Not gray as in “ultra cool tweener!” but gray as in “dense fog.”

Hey, what date is RAW on, Paul? I forget. Almost as fun as how the “This is really going to be Heyman’s new vision” has flipped overnight to “Heyman had nothing to do with this show; is still a god.”

ECW rankings!
1) RVD
2) Kurt Angle
3) Big Show
4) Sabu
5) off all the people who ever came thru ECW, Big Gudio, because he’s a tall guy
23243) everyone else

Dangling carrots
– “wait till it’s in front of an ECW-only crowd” – if it’s shot and booked the same, the ECW crowd will be crapping on it by then (if not sooner), and regardless of where it is, it’ll still be a WWE production under WWE control
– “wait till the New Breed premieres” – if they were so high on pushing new people, why was Kelli the only one to show on a show they were cramming everyone in on?
– “wait till after Vengeance and the RAW guys are gone” – they sure don’t seem to have faith to take off the training wheels now – if things go south quick, they’re not going to do it later either.

Line I shied away from: The first time we saw Kelli, my initial thought was “OMG, they’re doing a transvestite gimmick.” They could’ve been a bit more flattering to her, but, hey, whatever gets you on National TV.

That show’s rating is largly unimportant, unless they get the quarters and find out people were leaving already. Next week’s the key, and they’ll probably hot shot something as an apology.

I’ve got bleacher tickets today, and I’m so tired. Stupid cable.

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Day 11: 06/14


chart here
Those bored with this feature (which is everyone but me) will note there’s only 1 day to go.


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