Game 51: Cubs 8 – Reds 3


Cubs rise to 20-31 – let’s win 11 more!
Reds drop to 28-24

POTG: RF Jacque Jones (HR, 4 RBI, 2 R)

Runners up: probably Maddux, Ohman, Walker

Consider this the token pinch hit appearance to keep the games played streak going; I know it’s cheap, but I don’t much care. I’m out of town and busy – but maybe I’ll be able to truly fill this space before game time.

JACQUE! I’ll forgive the defense whenever you get four RBIs.

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Game 50: Cubs 7 – Reds 3


Cubs rise to 19-31
Reds drop to 28-23

POTG: 2B Todd Walker (3 H, HR, 3 RBI, 2 R)

Runner Up: LF Matt Murton (2 H, HR, 2 R, RBI), SP Kerry Wood (6 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K, QS, W (71); batting: 2 H, 2B, 1 RBI), 2B Tony Womack (2 H, R, 2B), SS Ronny Cedeno (2 H, R), RP David Aardsma (IP, BB, 2K, Hold), CL Ryan Dempster (1.1 IP, H, 3 K, Save)

I don’t know how to talk about a win. So very odd! I’ll try to do only positive thoughts!

* Kerry looked fine, was effective, got some nice hits and didn’t mention any arm troubles after the game. Only 1 walk on the day is a good sign
* Only 3 walks given out today!
* out of the non-Walker second baseman we’ve had, Womack’s already done the most good. It’s working out for now, and they might as well run with it while it’s going (and when it stops, or when people return to fill up the roster, there will surely be a release that’ll be a relief)
* The upside of the injury situation is Ronny’s gotten more playing time at SS than any of us thought he would (48 of 50 games), and 288’s a good batting average.
* Aardsma looked good, and one more solid guy to take some of the workload off Eyre/Howry would be a big help.
* Dempster looked back on track
* Walker reached 3 RBI for the first time since April 23rd, and got 2 RBIs for the first time since the Washington series – I think it’s a table being set thing, but whatever works.
* Tomorrow’s game is a night game, giving Barrett plenty of time to recover. The upside to his suspension is his marathon game played streak, keeping Blanco’s bat out of the lineup a little longer.
* Prior did not get hit by a truck at any time today. (That’s all I can say, I think.)

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Joe Vs. The World #5: Albert Ching (05.28.2006)


Albert Ching joins us to discuss being at Judgment Day live, ECW on the Sci-Fi channel, TNA, Great Khali vs. Giant Gonzalez, the Justice League, Pearl Jam, Sal Bellomo, and “spaghetti eater” as an insult. Just shy of 50 minutes of listening pleasure.

Right click and download the mp3 file here, subscribe to the RSS feed here, or add it to your iTunes Podcasts by clicking here. If you’ve missed an edition, click on the microphone icon in the upper right hand corner of this post to see all of the ones we’ve done so far. Thanks to Albert for sharing his time, and thanks to you for listening – we’d love to hear your feedback either below, or at joegagne AT charter DT net.

There was an issue with an early version of the podcast, but it should be good now.

(this post will stay on top all weekend; new posts may appear below.)

History at intersection


Alvarez has pointed out all week that, five years ago, RAW came to Tacoma to restart the WCW brand and they’re back there tonight, probably to start the ECW Brand.

Concidently, today is Memorial Day; ten years ago on Memorial Day, Scott Hall appeared on Nitro to kick off what became the nWo. That one went a little better than WWE’s WCW.

They’re setting up the ECW split tonight for far more internally significant reasons (timing, timing, and also timing), but they at least have a good This Week In Wrestling History bit. And maybe someone in charge might watch it, just to remember why WWE’s WCW failed and WCW’s nWo worked.

Day 3: 05/29


A: Sangre b Fuego (Yay. Quirk of the schedule: Fuego’s half done with the tournament already.)
A: Jado TIME Samurai (30 minute draw; first ‘other’ finish of the tournament. This liekely means they’ll evade a draw at the end, and Liger/Samurai will be a 8/7 or 8/9 battle.)

B: Black Tiger IV b GENTARO (chalk)

updated chart

Next show is 06/01
A: Fuego vs Taguchi
A: Minoru vs Sangre
B: Koji Kanemoto vs Gentaro
B: Goto vs Black Tiger IV

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Gane 49: Braves 13, Cubs 12 (11)


Braves improve to 27-23
Cubs drop to 18-31

POTG: 2B Tony Womack (4 H, R, RBI)

Runner Ups: SS Neifi Perez (2 H, 3B, 2 R, 4 RBI, probably should be POTG but I’m still mad at him), CF Juan Pierre (2 H, 2 R, RBI), RF Jacque Jones (2 H, 2 R, 2 RBI), RP Will Ohman (2 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 4 K)

Me to the room, after the ninth inning: “So how are they going to lose this one now?”’s wrap: “The Chicago Cubs figured out a new way to lose Sunday.”

Yea, that’s about right. I don’t know who at ESPN was in charge of editing the Cubs/Braves package last night, but they did a terrible job. The key play of the game – A-Ram not catching a pop up and it bouncing off his head instead (and then standing around looking at the sky as if they might rewind things and give him another chance instead of covering a bag) – was somehow omitted from the one video package they used on all the shows.

Although, Barrett being sent home and thrown out by Francoeur (and it wasn’t close) was probably just as big a play – we just didn’t know it then.

It was a small miracle they got back in this. JKR was awful (back to Iowa, Aardsma back up) and Rusch and Novoa weren’t really much better. The Braves just started hacking and going all out of for the long ball, and while it sure seemed to be working (8 HR and all), they weren’t getting people on base. That’s how Rusch got all those strikeouts; his stuff wasn’t any sharper than usual, but guys like A. Jones were making him look good by going all out on swings and coming up empty. Could’ve cost them the game, if the Cubs didn’t find a way to lose.

On the other side, the Cubs got 16 hits (+ 3 errors and even 4 walks), but only 3 XBH hits in the bunch. They’re just not getting the doubles or home runs they need right now.

Dusty found a way to play all five second baseman at once. Truly, a moment for the ages.

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Day 2: 05/28


A: Samurai b Fuego
A: Liger b Minoru

B: Inoue b Gedo
B: TM4 b Goto


Minoru’s loss is tough, because he’s now 0-2 and has no room for error. I still think he’s moving on. He can reach 8 points if everything goes right, and that should be enough to do it. The matches against Jado, Taguchi and Sangre are all very winnable, and it already looks like it’ll come down to the last match vs Samurai, and then waiting to see how Lyger/Samurai breaks on the last day.

Inoue is halfway to 8 already. GENTARO and Goto should be no problem, and I think he’s in without a problem if he can steal a point from either TIger.

Tommorow’s matches:
A: Samurai vs Jado (Samurai)
A: Sangre Azteca vs Fuego (Sangre, or he’s going home with nothing)
B: GENTARO vs Black Tiger 4 (GENTARO)

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Game 48: Braves 2, Cubs 1


Cubs drop to 18-30. They were 13-8 on April 28, and are 5-22 since. The Royals are 6-21 in their last 27.
Braves move up to 26-23

POTG: SP Sean Marshall (6 IP, 2 R, 7 H, 2 BB, 2 K, QS – good enough to get the win)

Runner Up: 1B Todd Walker (2 H, RBI), LF Matt Murton (2B, 3 H) – that’d be nuts if they were actually close to each other in the lineup, but gotta get that 0-3 in the 2 slot – RP Bob Howry (2 IP, 1 K, 0 H+BB)

I couldn’t even get in to the game in the bottom of the 9th. I didn’t believe in Cedeno – I KNEW. And I was right. And of course it’s an recent ex-Cub to put the knife in. Though, if you want to pick the best way to rub in in, “pitcher hsutles over to cover 1st base repeatedly, thus winning the game for his team” is pretty on the button.

Thinking weirdly positively: you could take Jim Hendry’s comments today as saying “the Cubs could lose every game possible while guys are injuried (and they are) and I wouldn’t make a change”, but I look for the silver lining. If they lose every game possible when Derek and Prior and Wood (well, in theory) are healthy, they’ll then consider firing Dusty. I think we can make this happen.

The real message is “thank GOD I got that extension before D Lee got hurt”, but you know that.

Whenever an announcer says “they’re doing bad, but look at the xx,xxx fans who turned out today!”, do be smarter than the announcer and recall that 90% of these tickets were bought in Feburary, when the weather was worse and the Cubs future was better.

say it with me…JAE KUK RYU! JAE KUK RYU! Koreans have such easy to chant names. What’s Dusty deep knowledge about a pitcher that’s supposed to be contributing to this team for years to come?

“Reports are that he knows how to pitch,” Cubs manager Dusty Baker said.

See, that’s why he only got in the one game last time – Dusty didn’t know he was a pitcher! Thank god those reports came in. Perhaps there was no report on Theroit, and Dusty was afraid he’d break if he got more than one at bat a game?

Speaking of pitchers buried in the bullpen, I completely forget they brought Wuertz back up, but I guess I won’t forget him when he’s gone again.

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Game 47: Braves 6 – Cubs 5


Braves rise to 25-23
Cubs drop to 18-29

POTG: 3B A-Ram (3 H, 2B, R, RBI – almost to 250!)

Runner Up: SP Z (6.2, 2 H, 2 R, 6 BB, 8 K), LF Freddy Bynum (HR, 2 RBI, R), C Michael Barrett (2 H, R, RBI)

Here’s the thing – a no-hitter’s great and all, but if you walk eight guys, is that really much different than walking 1 guy and giving up 5 singles? It’s worse in some ways, because this turned out to be Z’s first 120+ pitch outing of the season.

The good thing, and perhaps not everyone would consider it a good thing, is that I’m so used to the losing by now, a horrible loss like this didn’t leave me in a catonic state for three hours. I’ve cut it down to two!

There goes our secret plan to trade Dempster for value in July.

It’s good to know Kerry’s fine, he just has the arm of a 42 year old.

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Day 1: 05/27


A: Fuego b Minoru (big upset; probably means Fuego and not Sangre will be the top outsider in this block)
A: Taguchi b Sangre ( :( )
B: Inoue b Kanemoto (upset in rank, but…)
updated bracket

I forget to put picks down before, and I didn’t really think a lot about Block B, but I guess I’d go

A: Liger and Minoru advance
B: Inoue and Kanemoto advance (Tigers somehow knock each other out)
Winner: Inoue over Minoru (make up for last year.)

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