Game 23: Brewers 9 – Cubs 0


POTG: 2B Todd Walker (2 H – hit in the 9th with two outs heroically saves me from having to throw a dart and pick someone; he’s great)

What Sucks: everything! 9-0 is the score of a forfeit, so they really should’ve saved us the time today and done just that.

I was really hoping they’d call a rain delay in the 6th and then call, because the outcome was in doubt and no one wanted to be here and it would’ve saved time and pitchers. No dice. They’ll have to make a move before tommorow’s game for another arm.

I could talk about Z but it just makes me sad. I don’t want to be sad, so I’m just thinking positive thoughts about the Chicago Bulls (and praying for ankles in general.)

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2: Justin Shapiro


JVSTW #2 with Justin Shapiro. We break down TNA, Backlash, ECW, wrestling haircuts, Global Wrestling, tasteless angles, and the Bungee Match. 50 minutes of fun!

Right click and download here and let us know what you think about the show! (And if you’re bored, we could use an picture.)

Game 22: Brewers 16 – Cubs 2


Cubs drop to 13-9
Brewers move up to 13-11

POTG: CF Freddy Bynum (2H, 3B, RBI)

Runner up: RF Michael Restovich (2H, 2B, RBI – possibly just missed out on his only POTG chance by a tiny bit)

This was all sorts of terrible.

The only reason you can’t say Rusch is done is because everyone else sucked. But it’s looking like it’s over for him, and we really need a few more weeks of his time.

I was heavily disappionting by the announcers teasing a batter pitching and not delivering.

Angel Hernandez“““““““““““““““““““““““““““

This game sucked. I hope the next one doesn’t.

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Game 21: Cubs 6, Brewers 2


Cubs move up to 13-8
Brewers moved up to 11-10

POTG: SP Greg Maddux (6 IP, 8 H, BB, 2 R, 6 K, QS, W #323)

Runner Ups: CF Juan Pierre (2 H, 2B, 2 R), SS Ronny Cedeno (3 H, 2 RBI, R, HR), 3B A-RAM (2B, BB, R), LF Matt Murton (2B, R, BB), RF Jacque Jones (3 H, 2 RBI, R, HR – probably getting ripped off not winning POTG but what can you do), RP Scott Eyre (H, IP, BB, HBP, 3 K), RP Scott Eyre (IP, 3 K)


This was a BAD day for Maddux and he gave up 2 runs. He gave 6 hits, some of which were bad pitches, but some which were just balls that happen to get thru. Last year, a performance like this would’ve been one of his best of the season. This year, it’s his worse, inflating his ERA all the way to 1.35. I hope he can live with himself.

If this goes on much longer, we’re all going to start wondering why Maddux didn’t start the more intense off season program about two years ago. I’ll sure take it now; this team is about .500 with last year’s Maddux.

The scouting report on David Bush said he threw a lot of strikes, and I think that’s the kind of pitcher the Cubs have to hope to face during the Lee absence. They’re going to swing regardless, so people who just give them stuff to hit are going to be punished. Guys that make them chase will likely make them pay.

Murton’s hitting 9 of 18 vs left handed pitchers. Doug Davis and Chris Capuano are both lefties. If Walker is going to get a day off versus one or both, I say they let Matt bat third for a game and see how it goes.

Doug Davis held the Cubs to a .215 average against last year; part of their trouble with left handers in general. He’s had a bad start to this season, and I hope they can keep it going.

I really hope we don’t pick up Jeff Connie. Enough trading with the O’s for marginally useful players!

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Game 3: Bulls 109 – Heat 90


That was AWESOME. I don’t know that they can get things – like Shaq being a non-factor due to fouls – to happen quite like that again, but that’s be nice.

I won the water truck race, but lost the Dunkin’ Donuts race and my X guy in Tic Tac Toe blew an easy win.

Posey has to miss the next game, but I don’t think it matters much. Hinrich would’ve gone after him if Nochi didn’t cut after him.

I probably should say things deep and analytical here, but mostly I want to go to bed.

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Game 20: Marlins 7, Cubs 5


Cubs drop to 12-8
Marlins rise to 6-13

POTG: LF Matt Murton (H, BB, 2 RBI)

Runner ups: 3B A-RAM (2 H, 2 BB, HR, RBI, 2 R – heating up!), RP Roberto Novoa (2 IP, H, 0 R, 3 K)

I didn’t get a good consistent look at this game; watched the first three innings on TV, had the middle few innings on the radio when I was paying more attention to my directions, and watched Mabry lose the ball in the sun somewhere else – and bailed on the game at that point, figuring it was over. Not really, but close enough. Tough to get a feel for a game that way – I have no idea about the balk/non-balk, for instance.

I would’ve liked to see what Borowski’s throwing nowadays, but I guess I’ll have to wait till another day.

Angel was okay. Just that – not really spectacular, but not SERGIO-ing it up either. (How did we miss him? So unfair.) Nolasco seemed quite good, and his line – matching Novoa plus another K – bears that out.

Would’ve liked to get a sweep here, but I think 1 of 2 wins out of rookie pitchers is asking enough. The Brewers should be an interesting series…

FRI: RHP David Bush vs Maddux
SAT: LHP Doug Davis vs Rusch – figure Todd gets this day off
SUN: LHP Chris Capuano vs Z

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Game 19: Cubs 3 – Marlins 1


I’m about to miss my first deadline! Oh no! This morning has been beyond disappointing.

Cubs improve to 12-7 and clinch this series
Marlins fall to 5-13 and aren’t really good

POTG: SP Sean Marshall (7 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 7 K, QS, W, awesome curve going)

Runner Up: LF Matt Murton (3 H, 2B, R, 2 RBI), 2B Jerry Hairston (SQUEEZE)

Short version:
– got a city one day parking pass
– easily found a parking spot near Mike’s place (even if we didn’t know what “0.1 miles” actually meant)
– the walk to the park was longer on the way home
– it was freaking cold and I wish I brought gloves but I was happy I wore all the stuff I did
– the hot chocolate was warm chocolate by the time I got it, and they supposedly ran out if it and pizza at points
– they did have plenty of ice
– had seats behind home place, awesome
– Marlins are horrible, but Marshall curve was breaking huge and he would’ve put up a good performance against whoever
– still, the wind might have saved two HRs early.
– This time sacrificing, stealing and squeezing makes things interesting, but they’re still not very good
– fast games in the cold are great!
– traffic on the way home was superb
– I’ll scan in my box score when I get to a scanner

This might be the first win I’ve seen live in quite suite some time. Yay.

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Game 18: Game 18: Cubs 6 – Marlins 3


Cubs move on up to 11-7
Marlins drop to 5-12

POTG: RF Jacque Jones (HR, R, 3 RBI, pie in the face)

Runner Ups: LF Matt Murton (H, 2 BB, 2 RBI, R), RP David Aardsma (IP, BB, 2 K, W #2)

Deserving a category of his own: SP Carlos Zambrano (7 IP, 3 R, 3 BB, 6 H, 12 K, QS, broken bat) – I don’t know if I should be scared or delighted, but Z seems to be coming completely unglued. He had great stuff from about the 3rd on, but he was also completely insane at moments.

I can’t take much more of these Cubs/Bulls head to heads, though the Bulls helped out by not really being in after halfway thru the 2nd, and then coming back after the Cubs game was over.

This is the RULE: No one’s allowed to boo Jacque anymore. If I see a blue camo t-shirt tommorow, I am buying it and wearing it proudly.

This was the best 10th Inning show in quite some time, because besides always great Pie To The Face, we got a look at Angel getting in some work in the bullpen. Since they only needed Aardsma and Dempster (though Novoa got up a few times), I guess they feel they’re safe in the bullpen for tommorow and Angel’s locked in for Wednesday.

Nights like tonight make you believe we may just make something out of this season. I sure hope so, winning baseball is fun.

Tommorow’s my first game in person of the season. Not so concidentally, it’s going to be freezing – this always happens. Enjoy the hot chocolate and the many layers of clothes, I guess.

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Game 17: Cubs 7, Cardinals 3


Box – note they somehow have Walker as POTG.
Cubs move up 10-7
Cardinals drop to 11-7, and take the series 2-1.

POTG: SP Mr. Greg Maddux (7 IP, 5 H, BB, 3K, 0R; ERA drops to 0.99! Win #322! Completely awesome.)

Runner Ups: CF Juan Pieree (2 H, 2B, 3 R), 2B Ronny Cedeno (2 H, 2 SAC, 3B, R, RBI), 1B Todd Walker (2 H, 3 RBI), 3B A-RAM (HR, 2 RBI, BB)

Maddux got all the way up to 93. He probably could’ve cruised longer if they needded him to, but they really didn’t. (Though the way Novoa and Dempster pitched, it’s good he did go six; they could’ve turned this back in a game.) I think we’re all looking forward to him being the first 30 game winner since Denny McLane (though you figure one of these days, the hitters won’t show up for him – not that he needs all that match.)

Cubs end up the road trip 5-4, which is something. A Good Something. They should take a the next series, and they’ve just got keep doing the best they can while they’re shorthanded.

Restovich (#3 move, #28 Cub) pinch hit earlier this series, so if/when Angel Guzman debuts (up for Jerome), he’ll be the 29th Cub of the season. He was in the bullpen during the game, and the announcers explained he’s being held back as a long man for the next couple days. If he gets used Monday or Tuesday, they’ll make another move and probably call up Rich Hill to start on Wednesday. If Guzman doesn’t get in the game, he gets the start. Dusty often talks about liking to pick good spots for rookies to get in, so I think he’d prefer to debut Guzman in relief and send him down, but it depends on how things play on. Guzman’s been disappointing in AAA so far this season, with 6 ERA, so I don’t expect much from him, this stint.

The Cubs had less patience with Jerome Williams than I did, which is probably for the best. It also makes you wonder if they’re on the edge of making a move with Rusch or Marshall, who’ve been similiar inconsistent. I’m guessing, if Marshall gets lit up on Tuesday, they might send him down to make room for Hill, and give Rich and Angel the last two spots in the rotation for now. That’s just guess work, and I hope Sean pitches well enough that it’s completely pointless.

10-7 is a good start, and under different circumstances, I think I’d be really happy with that record so far.

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Heat 04/21 and Velocity 04/22


Heat and Velocity were both no taping theme weeks. The concept for Velocity was KOTR Finals, but the matches were kinda lacking. The Money theme on Heat was a bit random.

There’s no way the Million Dollar Man and IRS would get along, at least now. That’s a blood feud.

For those scoring at home, the Mankind/Triple H KOTR and on feud was the first, forgetten, time where Foley helped ‘make’ Triple H.

My idea for theme week is “random great matches unclipped”, but no one listens to me.