non-catchy catchphrases


(oh no, I feel sick. I’m going I’m going.)

Does anyone actually use the phrase “Casual Dining Place” outside of KFC commericals? (and KFC boardrooms, I guess.)

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ROH tonight


I think I’m going to the ROH show tonight. 8pm start time means I get home at, what, 4AM? There IS a 24 hour diner near my place that I’ve dying to got to at about 3AM, and I think that’s the highlight right now.

Here’s the world worst (way to spell) preview in the history of everything ever.

Lacey vs. Daizee Haze vs. Allison Danger vs. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Mischif vs. Rain: This should be fine->good. I’ve never seen Cheerleader Melissa, though the more I think about it, it’s more weird I’ve seen every else (except maybe Danger?) here. You know, I’ll go to the next SHIMMER show if they bring in Amapola or Sujei or India. (That’s about as empty promise as “I’ll go to the next AWA-SLAM show as long as they bring in Tigre Metalico and Tigre Blanco AND defend the Arena Coliseo tag titles.”)

Chad Collyer vs. Ace Steel [First Blood Match] – I offer to CUT MYSELF to end this match instantly if there’s any takers. It can be a draw, it’ll be great.

Jimmy Rave & Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Yang & Claudio Castagnoli – YAY weirdo Velocity/lucha teamups. I’m all over this one. I could use, say, anyone besides Jimmy Rave. If this turns into a CZW/ROH thing, I’ll cry. I could give a flying burrito about CZW vs ROH.

Colt Cabana vs. Homicide with Julius Smokes: no no no this is not the Colt I want to see. Booooooooooooooo.

AJ Styles & Matt Sydal vs. Austin Aries & Jack Evans: flying flying flying getting up without being hurt flying flying; I kinda hate the X-Games sometimes, but I they can be enjoyable.

Blood Generation (CIMA, Naruki Doi, & Masato Yoshino) vs. Do Fixer (Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito): This should be super, even if I have no idea who 67% of the people are and probably should know. I found it cool that Jae was coming into see this match; I don’t go anywhere for lucha (but then I don’t go anywhere.)

Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. BJ Whitmer: WHAT IS BJ WHITMER DOING HERE? I guess they can do the CZW/ROH stuff here and I’ll be fine. The real reason I have limited interest in this show is Scott and Scott’s Friends won’t be there to make fun of Whitmer for my entertainment. It’s half the ticket value right there. Now, the only person I’ll be talking to will be myself, and people get weirded out when I do that. I dunno.

Bryan Danielson defends against Roderick Strong: What time will this start? 11:15 ish? What time will it end? 5:40 Tuesday evening. I mean, I’m sure this is going to be a fine fine match, but I’m also sure I will hate everything by the time I get to my car and figure how I’m going to stay awake for the ride home.

Still, I’m going. I’m probably going. I’m most likely going. (Unless I get a better idea between now and then.) I’m 95% sure I’ll end up watching basketball Saturday, so it’s either this one of no shows this weekend.

Other stuff having nothing to do with that…

Finest words ever printed by the Sun Times

As is not uncommon with Mariotti, he has made no effort to be the least bit informed on this important subject.

The rest of the Letter to the Editor didn’t hold up to that standard, but that’s more than you could really expect from those guys. (This sorta thing backfires as a huge ego boost, but I guess the idea is to boost the ego so far it’ll explode.)

The real sign baseball is almost here: ask Paul Sullivan turns angry, crank, bitterly sarcastic by question three. I love baseball!

unrelated: While the color choice seems to be picked just to be mocked, I like the idea of splitting the two branches of the blue line. Unconfused things a bit for suburbanites just trying to read a map.

I was kinda supposed to write stuff for OO due in two hours, so I guess I better do that now. I’d be more interested in doing it if they posted the stuff I already wrote, but what can you do.

Chicago Wrestling Weekend


03/30 (THU): AWA Chicago
03/31 (FRI): ROH in Chicago Ridge
04/01 (SAT): IWA in Midlothian
04/01 (SAT): ROH in Chicago Ridge
04/02 (SUN): WM22

I feel bad, because there’s some great oppurtinties to see some good wrestling this weekend which others don’t get, but – unlike jtron – I’m completely UNstoked for it; I don’t know of a show I really want to go (and I tend not to go in that case.) My lack of interest has bugged me all week.

I got a comp ticket to Cougars opening day on Friday, but it’s early enough I could still make the ROH show though I’ll have to park twelve miles away by the time I get there. The Saturday ROH show, with the Dragon/Storm main event, just has a red flags flying on it as a show that will be five hours too long.

I know, I whine too much about stupid stuff. There should be some really good stuff somewhere this weekend, if I’m willing to actually GO.

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things keeping me up


Do I really know who Joe Strummer is?

I swear this is unrelated – does anyone know any good music podcasts? A friend’s curious and it’s not my area. (well, that IS related, I guess.)

As I keep moving thru the Feely playlist (alphabetic order by file name, if he’s following along), these lyrics

Well, the first dance cost me a quarter
and the second dance cost me…
my heart

make me hate everything and everyone.

Darko Jones should be big – every song is an annoyingly catchy song designed to be overplayed for five months and reviled ever after.

Is hoping the Dresden Dolls continue to be insane the same as hoping wrestlers continue to drop other wrestlers on their heads in beautiful ways? Self mutilation is much more acceptable in music, but then it’s mostly emotional. (Don’t ruin it for me if they’re actually just an act. That would be sad.)

I like stuff off of Fiona Apple’s CD much more than I feel safe admitting. I like Fiona Apple much more than I should. She’d crush me like, uh, ice? That’s exactly the kind of sentence which caused me to stop typing things at 3AM.

I remember when I lost my mind! It was three minutes ago. Gnarls Barkley is atypically more soul than usually makes a Feely list (just like the hateful Cracker song seems to have an unusual country guitar for these sort of things – maybe Feely’s expermenting for his 21st?) If the whole CD is like this song, I should’ve gotten the CD already.

Here’s a line you won’t understand:

Can’t argue with you there!

Playlist is below if you actually want to know and are confused at this point

When it’s late and you’re tired, Magneta Lane sounds a lot like PJ Harvey. Mat Kearney is going to finally succeed in putting me to sleep, which is nice.


a whole lot of nothing


Ever feel like the Bulls have accomplished nothing the last month in a half?

When you graph it out…


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Heat 03/24 and Velocity 03/25


Heat and Velocity are up and I’m blanking on anything to say. That good, huh.

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Heat 03/17 & Velocity 03/18


Heat – 03/17
Velocity – 03/18

Heat is a vast wasteland of nothingness and hate. I look forward to the cuts. I can not wait till the cuts. Anything to fresh it up and make it not suck

Who’s the dude who likes Striker? It can’t be a McMahon, or he’d be on RAW. It can’t be someone who completely doesn’t matter, or he wouldn’t be protected so much of late.

They did take effort to protect the Mexicools in their match – but why do that match? Trying to see if the Gymini can be good with good people? You’d think they’d figure that out by now. See if they have a special ability to work with lucha guys? Random match generator? Yes.

The four way was exactly what you’d think a Velocity four way with those guys in under 10 minutes would be, no more, no less.

This has nothing to do with anything*, but screaming babies have moved way up on my personal list of scary things.

* – I’m going start using “THNTDWA” and see if it doesn’t catch on.

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SNME, 03/18


Saturday Night Main Event 03/18/06

4 some hours later, I could recall why I don’t do this. (Though it was just what I expected, all the way around.)

just another year


earth continues to revolve around sun (for some of us)

Suffice to say, this is a dark day in the story of the 2006 season, and while there may still be light heading our way, get ready for a long wait to catch sight of it.

– downcast Derek Smart @ Cub Town

For those non-Cub fans who visit the site, note that it’s March 15th when people are giving up on the season.

Let me tell you that I’ve been paying ZERO attention to spring training this year, because the WBC has been far more compelling and there’s not so much to fun to look for in spring training. This and the Walker thing hasn’t proved me wrong, but mostly, I like quasi-real baseabll over completely fake baseball. It’s going to be such a drag next year.

Anyway, I refuse to be upset about it because this is completly consistent with the last few years, so Prior missing a few starts is something we all should be expecting by now. That Tejada/Abreu stuff looks awful tempting now, of course.

I’m perfectly fine with Maddux, Rusch, Williams, and Z! as our 4 man starting rotation to start the season. It’s too soon for Angel, but three-five starts by Hill while we wait for one of Prior/Wood/Miller to feel better is fine with me.

I can’t believe the Derek Lee who was hitting big HRs in WBC is hurt, so I’ve decided he’s actually all okay. That’s that.

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though I’m not quite sure Booker’s letter is real


There really is a Worms Digest.

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