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It’s the Monday after the Rumble, and I’m happy I didn’t try to get tickets to WrestleMania. Don’t have to talk myself into getting up for it, don’t have money spent on something I no longer want, don’t have to care. They can be miserable all they like if I don’t have to pay for it.

I’m not too excited about the ROH shows this week. I think I got spoiled by the lucha shows – not specifically the content, but the finish times. I got home before 11pm both nights, despite hour+ drives and stopping for food. Just looking at the 8pm/7:30 bell times listed for the Friday/Saturday shows makes me pre-empetively feel the headache I’ll get from driving home at 1AM after an incredibly long show. Even on a weeknight, why in the world do you need to start that late?

OTOH, if people want to do Obscenely Late Wrestling Show + Steak N’ Shake again, I think I might be able to handle it.

01/27 Heat, 01/28 Velocity


Heat and Velocity are up. If I didn’t get them done quick, I was going to be doing them at 1 AM Monday, so I’m glad it worked out. When Pre-Rumble Heat airs tommorow, I’ll be finding my seat at Congress and I’ve got no way of recording the show, so no recap until they get around to posting it in their archives (if even then.)

It feels like I”ve seen this saem Heat show 5 times in the last year. The long cruiserweight Velocity tag had a good build, but it was missing the hot near fall section at the end. None of the near pinfalls seems convincing till the actual finish.

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10 minute span


* while checking my phone, I apparently hit the car alarm button on the back of my key chain. This is the 5000 time my car alarm has gotten set off this way, with 0 actual car theft attempts.
* Subway people inform me they’ve discontinued their sandwhich/drink/2 cookies meal deal. I am very bitter. Chips are just about unhealthy, and far less tasty than chocolate chip cookies, but not worth the two dollars extra. Stupid Subway.
* While I’m eating, some random person asks me if they can have five dollars. I don’t actually have a five dollar bill on me and am weirded out, then feel horrible I didn’t just give the person the ones I had.

This is when you know it’s a good idea to cut lunch short and go back to doing whatever the heck it was you were doing.

2005 Stats


Unique Visitors and Bandwidth doubled in ’05. Pages and hits tripled. The more I think about that, that’s not horrible impressive because I think it’s not keeping pace with the content. Better than going down.


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