ROH 11/05


I don’t know if Scott is writing something. I should’ve asked. I should’ve done a lot of things.

– Delirious & Steele b Collyer & Nigel
– Jacobs b Sal
nearly completely pointless waste of time with Cornette, Watts, and Pearce. You mean the guy Scheduled To Appear is going to wrestle? Hot diggity.
– B J WHITMER b Claudio – clean sweep by the ex-champs over the champs
– Samoa Joe b Daniels
– Cabana NC Homicide; fork attack post match, Steele makes save. Didn’t get over near as well as they hoped.
– Pearce b Davey Andrews
– Dragon b Strong [ROH]; 40+ min? Maybe. Probably MOTN
– Embassy b GenX; don’t even recall who beat who.

Big angle of the night: Daizee Haze turns heel. Yea. She didn’t turn particularly on Sydal nor aligned her with a particular person on the heel side (maybe Alex?); the storyline is more her versus the other GenX valet who’s name I’m blanking on, and not her versus Matt.

Felt like a lesser show. Crowd was significantly down from Matt Hardy & Punk’s Farwell, but really back to normal levels.

No show date was announced besides the 03/31, 04/01 double header, so they’ll be going the better part of 5 months without running a show in the area before running a double shot.

No one talked me into SHIMMER. But I get $5 off. So I dunno. Let’s see if I wake up.

6 Responses to ROH 11/05

  1. “the other GenX valet who’s name I’m blanking on”

    The lovely and talented Jade Chung!

  2. Shimmer is a concept hat will not work in the US. Prazak needs to learn to commentate deathmatches someday.

  3. But I’m a sucker for lost causes! So I dunno.

    The real problem was, when I sat down to figure it out, I’d have to leave around 2:40 to get their on time. 2:40 on Sunday, with 8-9 football games finishing and 2-3 nailbitters, is one of my favorite times of the week. I can’t pass that up. What’s with the mid-Afternoon start, anyway? Going head to head with a Bears game, even.

    I think I’m gonna be lazy and not go.

  4. Quick comment on the Homicide/Cabanna “match”. They started selling tickets for the double shot right before this match started, thus there were about 50 (maybe more) people in line who really couldn’t see the match and just weren’t paying attention. I was shocked they didn’t have an intermission when they started selling the tickets for the double shot, instead they had the intermission after that match.

    One other thing Ace Steele was talking to a fan while Cabanna was being duct taped and beaten by Homicide. It was hilarious on many levels. Only after Homicide’s promo did Ace do his save. It hurt the whole angle as I’m sure 25% of the building could see him talking to a fan and wondering what the fuck was up with Ace just standing there while his bud was getting his ass kicked. I actually thought he was going to turn heel for a bit.

    Although you were there Cubs I thought I’d share.

  5. As I remember it, the Ticket Announcement usually doubles as the Intermission Announcement, and we all needed a break after Joe/Daniels, so that was just odd. The whole show was laid out odd – the Sal/Jacobs, Cornette/Watts/Pearce, Whitmer/Claduio tripleheader sucked the life out of me for the better part of an hour, and coming back from intermission with Pearce/Andrews really just extended the intermission.

  6. That it did.

    I’m beginning to think that it was quite a good show but the layout of it made it feel lesser than normal if that makes any sense.