ROH 10/29


Joe went to the ROH show in Woodbridge on Saturday night.

Jay Lethal vs. Curry Man: Oh yes, Curry Man.

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Heat 10/28 and Velocity 10/29


Heat. (Laugh every time you see it still refered it as ‘Sunday Night Heat’ on websites.) Velocity.

I am so tired, but up for another half hour waiting for the last of some laundry to dry. Busy Friday, insane (but happy) Saturday. I’m on a two (2) positively received public speaking bits streak, breaking my career record. This won’t last.

I usually love the end of DST, because it’s one extra hour of sleep. This year, it was one extra hour of debating drunk people. Perhaps that’s why I’m dead now. On the upside, I think I almost won the debate, which would be the first in the history of anyone ever arguing with a drunk.

I’ve heard CMLL was back on Saturday – the Mistico/Perro match, of all the things – but I haven’t had a chance to even look myself.

Still wondering if they’ll do a Heat for Taboo Tuesday.

I’m not sure if I’m going to the ROH show this weekend. I don’t have a ticket, for one. The bigger deal is this:

11/05 – ROH
11/12 – NWA Midwest (Black Tiger IV!)
11/27 – Lucha @ Congress (Halloween! One month late! And other people.)

There’s good reasons to go to all three shows, but I just don’t know if I want to go to three shows. Since I don’t have a ticket, will have to battle for a decent seat, don’t have a specific match to go crazy for (okay, Joe vs Daniels might make me shut my mouth) and know I’m going to be doing something else early Sunday, ROH’s the easiest show the skip.

OTOH! I don’t really care much about anything on the NWA Midwest show besides BT4! (note to world: he’s supposed to be a mysterious BRITISH wrestler, so while you could say ‘straight from New Japan!’ and be right, ‘Straight from Japan’ isn’t quite accurate) and maybe the mixed tag main event. And I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to the Congress show – I’d feel uncomfortable being away even that far away from home if things which are supposed to happen that week haven’t yet happened. (How’s that for annoyingly vague?)

So, really, I have no idea what I’m doing. Hopefully I’ll get fired up about the ROH show this week or they’ll sell out in advance and that’ll solve everything.

Anyone used TiVoToGo and Sonic Deluxe to burn DVDs? Know enough to help me thru? I’m trying to move a whole bunch of Space Ghosts to DVD, and (after an hour of processing video), it seems to crash the program right about when it should start actually burning to the DVD.

I think my problem is I’m using DVD-R discs for a DVD+RW drive (didn’t think to check till I got in the store, and made the wrong guess.) But it did appear to burn a data DVD fine, so I dunno if that’s it, or if the MyDVD component program is having problems. The help on their page has been no help, so I don’t know what to do except hope for help.




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Game 3 Thoughts


I was planning on catching up on sleep last night. That did not quite work out. I am completely dead today.

Garcia’s capable of having surprise bad outings. If he does here, Astros have Clemens in an emotional game (though him and big games, you know), Pettite and Oswalt lined up. These games have all been close, so it’s not inconciveable something could be done. And I like to imagine the people who’d be jumping off buildings if the series went back to Chicago 3-2.

Nah. I’m kinda busy on Saturday, so I’m hoping it’s over quick and they have the parade and they go away from for a while.

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what do I know


following up on this post, there’s this article in the Washington Post

Even Aaron McGruder has a limit.

Man. Now who am I going to believe in? Huey would be so disappionted.


Unless there’s something else going on I don’t know about, DDTDigest’s disappearance from the web is a temporary event. The site is hosted on Verio. Verio’s data center’s got hit by Hurricane Wilma, power went out, backup generators didn’t work, backup generators did work, backup generators stopped working, and so various sites on their network are down, or their e-mails are down. Hopefully, Verio will get their act together relatively soon.

I believe anyone sending an e-mail to thecubsfan AT ddtdigest DOT com is going to get it bounced back to them for the time being (upside: I may get out of Taboo Tuesday predictions!), but you probably should already be sending e-mails to an AT

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problem I’m happy not to have


Rosa Parks passed on Monday.

On Monday, Newsweek published an interview with Boondock’s creator Aaron McGruder, on his upcoming Adult Swim show. In the episode they preview, Rosa Parks is a character. Not just a character, but…

At one point, a spandex-sporting woman hits Parks in the head with a chicken leg. “Sit down!” she yells at Parks. “That’s what you’re known for anyway.”

It doesn’t read like Parks is the one being ridiculous, but in an insane situation. (Then again, in Boondocks, everyone’s acting ridiculous or being ridiculed in some manner.) Being so after her death, there will be those angry with McGruder for even associating her with people acting foolish, regardless if her character acts similar. (Then again too, there always are people angry with him.)

In the article, it’s pretty clear McGruder was hoping for a loud backlash to the cartoon, as proof people are watching and are reacting to his messages. Parks’ post-mortem inclusion will provide the response he’s looking for in a way a forbidden 6 letter expletive could not, and there will be pressure on him between now and the air date to make some sort of change. McGruder seems very much to be the type who’d not make changes because his decisions were unpopular if he believed in them in the first place. If Rosa Parks made sense in the cartoon 12 hours ago, she’d still make sense 3 weeks from now.

Then again, I’m always a little creeped out when I catch the Bebop episode with space shuttle Columbia saving the day. That’s more because of the tragic circumstances surrounding Columbia, but just like how I’m momentarily taken out of the dramatic save*, McGruder risks people missing the point while watching the show, and not doing it in a way he intended.

I’m not sure what to make of it; I don’t know exact what to do. I’m sure McGruder won’t budge, there’s going to be pressure on him and Adult Swim to make him budge (greater than there would’ve been just on the content of the show alone), and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out. It could turn into something the news networks latch onto and spiral out of control, or it could just be the sort of controversies which swirl in the mind of someone who’s tired but can’t sleep at 1:30 am.

* – they get me back every time with “Blue Sox fans never leave the game early!” I know, but it works.

four days out


Since I can’t sleep, I’d just like to inform the world that I can’t sleep. There you go.

Going so insane. Why do people expect me to do things I suck at? Why do I wound up trying not to make them suck.

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TNA Bound For Glory


Scott surprises me with a TNA PPV recap.

A lot of stuff didn’t live up to expectations for one reason or another, and really I think my favorite match of the night was the one they showed for free. You should download a clip of Hardy’s dive, though, at the very, very least.

Pretend there’s a TNA TV recap right…here.

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Velocity 10/22


Here. I may be gone almost all day tommorow, so I really dig the new schedule.

This may be sacrliege, but Christian/Kendrick was better than London/Juvi.

The idea of LOD is as illfitting in current WWE style as Mistico.

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