deader money


Assuming anyone hasn’t dropped out today! I was too busy with 8 hours!!!! of driving today to check. (You talk about your gas expenses right THERE, man.)

to win their first round match

If you’re betting the over, you’d be betting that number to win a 100. If you’re betting the underdog, you bet 100 to win that much. It’s not like I’m actually taking money on this, so god knows why I made this complicated.

Favorite Bet Underdog
A. J. Styles 600 Tyler Black
American Dragon 600 Claudio Castagnoli
Skayde 101 Puma
Mike Quackenbush 104 Alex Shelly
Chris Hero 250 Rainman
Arik Cannon 300 Joey Ryan
Matt Sydal 250 El Generico
Chris Sabin 250 Marek Brave
Josh Abercrombie 110 James Gibson
Brad Bradley 111 Tracy Smothers
Delirious 105 Brandon Thomaselli
Kevin Steen 102 Nate Webb

to win it all

American Dragon 2:1
AJ Styles 5:2

Chris Hero 4:1

Matt Sydal 6:1
Alex Shelley 6:1
Josh Abercrombie 6:1
Chris Sabin 7:1
Delirious 7:1
Mike Quackenbush 8:1
Arik Cannon 10:1

James Gibson 18:1
Tracy Smothers 19:1
Tyler Black 20:1
Marek Brave 20:1
Joey Ryan 20:1
Brad Bradley 20:1
Skayde 21:1
PUMA 21:1
Brandon Thomaselli 21.5:1
Kevin Steen 22:1
Nate Webb 22:1
Claudio Castagnoli 25:1
El Generico 30:1
Rainman 30:1

obNothing: If I figured out a way to post semi-live, semi-consistent results from the show, would anyone care? Are you already taken care of in that manner by your DVDVRBoards and you’d just rather me pay attention to the show and/or take pictures of Skayde?

One more post in our hater marathon to come before the show (assuming I get my act together and don’t pass out.)

2 Responses to deader money

  1. I still want to put $20 on Claudio going all the way, but in addition, $10 on Nate Webb beating Steen. I love those odds.

    (Even if you were accepting money, I wouldn’t willingly place money on a competition I know to be prearranged. Unless of course I had either inside information or blackmail on Ian.)

  2. Someone could’ve made some CASH betting on Kevin freaking Steen to make the finals.