Velocity 08/27 and Heat 08/28


This show sucked and this show sucked and it didn’t help that my TiVo screwed up but I’m pretty sure I’d hate them anyway.

It’s too much of a coincidence for everything to suddenly be under three minutes except the main event. Wonder why they made the decision.

When it’s up to the Heartbreakers (who I hated at first) and Tomko (who I hated at first and in a sane world I’d still hate) to cheer me up, something’s gone horribly wrong. We’re at the point where I’m wishing for people I like to get demoted (or actually just show up), so I can have some decent matches to watch the next few weeks.

I’ll miss Josh most of all.
I’ll miss Romero least of all.

I’m not sure if I’m playing this too subtle, but I have a large amount of distaste towards Matt Striker and how he’s been presented.

Comparing, I’m not a big fan of the process that gets Vito hired and on SmackDown, but I’m trying to only hold his own mistakes against him. What is the deal with that kick?

I rebooted the TiVo and it’s worked fine since. From checking the logs, it’d been screwing up all evening – wish I caught it sooner, so I could’ve seen Simon on a segway.

you heard it here first, and then you wondered why: They’re turning Tomko face. With the Heartthrobs stills existing, the Cowboys coming in, and near dead belts and champions, the idea of a third midcard heel tag team is a definite red herring. They don’t have a role as single wrestlers, but they have even less of one as a tag team – so they’ll be a tag team as long as it takes to get them something to do as singles. I figure it breaks down with Tomko getting a near title win with the boot, only for it Hurricane to get a foot on the rope or something, heel teamwork breaks down in a bad way late, and Dupree’s turned on him about five minutes after they got started.

Of course, since he’s Dupree and he’s Tomko, this is less about turning Tomko face and more about finding someone to feed to Dupree. But Tomko as face is still crazy.

If heel announcer Coach has problems with Kerwin, that makes Kerwin a – “character in our world, and we allow the fans to react to the characters however they choose; there’s no ‘good guy’ or ‘bad guy’ anymore, it’s all how you feel” oh SHUT UP. The WWE loves the idea of a person fighting stereotypes by embracing that stereotype to the fullest and occasionally having them yell at the fans for believig the stereotype. They love it a lot for a public company.

Latest scuttlebutt says the USA WWE Sunday show is now a Sunday morning show – which I guess means we’re going back to Free For Alls? The first PPV after the move is the 10/09 SD! No Mercy, so that’s when we find out. Anyway, if they don’t call the USA Sunday Morning show “Superstars”, they all need to be shot multiple times.

Four more weeks left. If there’s anything you want me to do with these in the time we have left together, you should le me know.

Isn’t Mongo a stupid name for a grown up?


The Chicago Tribune has a great feature article on Mongo – minus the apparently required lack of wrestling name checking. The ’85 Bears are doing a lot of events this year, and so I think this might be the first in a series.

The “Mongo gets thrown out while singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game” might be my favorite game I’ve gone to; there was a lot going on.

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Garciaparra, 3B


It’s fair to say Nomar as a Cub has been a disappointment. It’s unlikely to go on for more then the 34 games left this season and I’m good with that.

However, for all the dude’s done for this team and tried to do for this team over the last year plus – including today’s attempt at small bit of heroism – he’s got my complete and total respect.

I don’t know how it was in Boston, I don’t know how it felt at the end. Maybe they were right and needed to move Nomar to move on. All I know is this is a dog team having a dog year, Nomar’s hurting in a bad way and had every right to pack in in months ago (not to mention two days ago), and knows he’s probably not coming back – and instead he’s volunteers to play out of position to help them win a game because winning a game is more important to him.

I hope he plays 162 games next season and hits .407 and (if we can’t win it) he wins a World Series, even if it’s with the Cardinals or the Astros or the White Sox. Nomar is awesome.

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08/24 ATL @ CHC


It’s nice that Kyle came back and decided to own us all.

After the game, I theorized Kyle walked Corey as a favor to an old friend. There had to be something going on there for that to happen

The good thing about being far far below expectations is when A-Ram gets hurt, it’s not really hurting your playoff chances.

I’ve felt ill since the moment I sat down at the game until…well, hopefully, no more than five minutes from now, because I’ll actually have to do something about it if it keeps up.

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08/22 KCC vs BEL


Good that your all got your complaints and questions in, so now I can completely ignore them. (OMG HEEL)

Holy crap do the Arizona Cardinals have ugly uniforms. I’m totally lost in my train of thought now. Salisbury’s facial hair is crazy as well.

As a result of being forgetful and “Exchange Unused Tickets Night (2 of 3)”, I had a couple seats to tonight’s epic Kane County Cougar/Beloit Snappers pennant race showdown, my second game this week. (Maybe I’ll scan my box score from Friday?) I was going to bring a camera and shoot pictures to entertain myself due to lack of conversation, but the person I would’ve borrowed it from wasn’t around. I was gonna ‘score the game, but I neglected to grab my template from the printer before I left, and they weren’t selling scorecards for some reason. No big deal, because at least I wasn’t stuck choosing between taking a bathroom break and missing a couple batters on my scorecard, which seemed like a dumb debate when the games have been kinda noteworthy lately.

Which means, of course, the game went into the 9th inning with a no-hitter. Even though it would’ve been a neat to have a physical record of being there, I’m not dumb enough to be picky how I get a no hitter, since I’ll be lucky to ever be there for one.

It wasn’t to be tonight; Starter Joe Scott struggled mightily early with control and upped his pitch count, so they were forced to take him out after 7 no hit innings. Trent Peterson went 1-2-3 in the 8th and got the first in the 9th, but Deacon Burns got a bloop hit to RF, and David Winfree got a legit line drive single to rub it in. It was still pretty neat to see those double zeros (Beloit gave up 2 errors, so it was 0 0 2 on the board) for as long as they lasted.

It was weird, because it didn’t feel intense like a no-hitter and I didn’t realize it was actually going on till the 6th becuase he was so off early, but then the bottom of the 7th went on forever, building the anticpation. It’s minor league ball and a family/group outing audience, so there were a lot of people off the 5000 who came who left early even before it got out of hand, either not realizing or not caring, and I’m used to it enough by now that I’m not surprised by it any more. Those that did stick around were into it in the 9th, and gave the team a “sorry you lost your no-hitter but you’re still awesome” ovation after the hit.

It being Dog Night and Clapper Night wasn’t nearly as annoying as I thought it might be. People making me get up every two minutes so they could leave the aisle and come right back did make up for it, however.

Win moves KCC to a tie for the last playoff spot, with a couple weeks ago. They’re only back in town for one more 4 game homestand, I’ve got tickets to the series opener and the season ender; hopefully at least some of my late season tickets will pan out as meaningful.

Taking Wednesday off to go to the Cubs day game against the Braves. Mike Hampton vs Mark Prior should be pretty fun.

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Tan’s reposting some WON obits of less famous guys. If you haven’t read any of Meltzer’s bios before, you should definetely check these out.

open complaint thread


Since I haven’t posted frequently and probably won’t have anything up till this weekend, I thought I should post something…so, if you have any complaints, questions, or comments about this site (like “why don’t you update”), now’s the post to air them publically to the world, and see if I’m bored enough to answer.

Request to F4WeeklyAudio: Editing. The dude bombed on Tuesday. But thanks for doing an RSS feed so I can get it thru iTunes.

Does anyone use my RSS feeds?

ROH 08/13 and TNA 08/14


Scott has reviews of the ROH Chicago Ridge show (and I think I’m now saving typing the same things myself) and TNA’s Sacrifice

Somewhat sadly, this was the best TNA show I’ve seen, and I wasn’t too upset about spending 30 dollars on it.

Tanvir also writes his thoughts on the show on Seadawg’s board.

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Velocity 08/13 and Heat 08/14


Velocity and Heat

Do you think Frankie looked into the future, saw he was leaving, and decided to have his best match of the run with Paul London? Or maybe it was just Paul London, I dunno.

I hate
Matt Striker
Rene Dupree
Val Venis
Johnny Par(i)si

which is making me thrilled this show is almost over.

I keep waiting to say something funny to plug the Angus Invitational. I see Tazz, Slater Vain, Josh, and Starfire in the final 4.

ROH 8/13


Show was really good.

– Spanky turned heel to set up a ROH Title feud (featuring two guys who are going soon, but whatever)
– Crowd was split on Matt, but he worked the match as a heel. Probably the second best match of the night, but I’m biased. Strong won!
– Even Punk sorta worked slightly heel in the main event, and he also lost on the way out. Main event turned into a 2/3 falls match and was pretty fun.