all I ever wanted


thecubsfan is on vacation from his paying gig. thecubsfan has actually been on vacation since Tuesday, but hasn’t bothered telling anyone, because he’d knew it’d take a few days for anyone to notice. This is thecubsfan’s longest true vacation from his paying gig since he started having one, so thecubsfan believes it ought to expand to his non paying gigs as well or at least thecubsfan should have no obligation to update things during this break.

thecubsfan thought the third person bit was funny yesterday, but thecubsfan allows for bad decisions after nine hours of driving. thecubsfan also allows that I-80 can be an excruciatingly boring stretch of road for no less than three states.

thecubsfan planned a gimmick to fill space, but only truly got the idea after being on vacation, and the work required for the gimmick seems counter to the idea of the no obligation concept. thecubsfan feels sure his ideas might work, but thecubsfan thought the same of the super j tournament.

thecubsfan pledges to think deeply about this during the Cubs game tomorrow, and maybe act on the thinking.

(thecubsfan promises to respond to mail/comments/etc tommorow)

One Response to all I ever wanted

  1. Are you ripping off The Rock? Maybe The Juice? Carlito doesn’t think dat’s cool.