juvi rocking the mic


Edit: Our, not your. Sorry Juvi!

How about that, huh? How about that?

What about those – what about the Mexican! Look at us, gringos, you always – yea, you always look at us and degrade us, you know. You always degrade us. Even our own president degrade us, you know? But, you know, we’re not just about the dirty stuff, you know, we’re not just about washing toliet, we’re not just about crossing the river.

[Nicho: EXCUSE ME!]

We also have a – what is that, bro?

[Nicho: The Mexican Limo, 2005!]

Mexican limo! You see.

We are Mexicans! C’mon! Laugh about us!

You know, this is the beginning, this our statement, now things are going to change. We are tired to be working for you – now you gringos are going to be working for us! YEA! YEA!

We going take over SmackDown! We going take over American! We going take over the cruiserweight division, because we are not Mexicans – c’mon! – we are MEXICOOLS! MEXICOOLS!

Any angle based on Juvi getting limited amounts of mic time is impossible to hate. Everyone seemed hyped beyond belief, but Nicho was particularlly enjoying himself. I need to wait and see before I fall in love with this, though.

Something’s gotta be changing, though, because they’ve overloaded one side.

(Rey, but only theoritically)
London (champion; can’t have a complete match on SD! unless he’s losing)

Super Crazy
Spike (hurt?)

Actually, that is 7 to 5, but the top guys on the rudo side are far higer than everyone but London. So maybe it’s just a perception thing.

10 Responses to juvi rocking the mic

  1. And just think that you, me and 10 other people can recall the 6/18 Velocity and say “I knew them way back when, before they were Mexicool.”

  2. I like them ganking the SAT gimmick. Mostly because all 3 of them are better then the 3 SAT guys, and Juvi hopped up+live mic=GOLD.

  3. The SAT are a buncha dirty spics. I did sit pretty close to one of their girlfriends and um them DVDVR fuckers.

  4. Um… The Juice is back! What’s not to love?!

  5. Steve Romero wants to be part of the Mexicools. Wonderful.

  6. Wait a minute. I thought last week on Velocity Juvi was heel and Super Crazy and Psicosis were face. Oh well. They did the same thing with the Bashams breaking up. They forgot a week later. Anyways, I’m digging the Mexicools. I almost lost it when they called the lawnmower a “Mexican Limo.” And to top that all off, JUVI’S BACK! What’s not to love about this?

  7. I don’t know. My air conditioner has turned me into an icicle. Also, Scott Christ, I love you.

  8. Awesome to see Juvi back.. although I want to see Mr Aguila (Essa Rios) back again too. What’s happened to him? I know he used to tag with Juvi a lot back in AAA.

  9. Essa sucks. Listen to Cubs tell you all about those legendary Essa/Raven matches on Heat.

  10. I only have two words to say: Juan Deere. This is quite possibly the most awesome gimmick on Smackdown yet.

    Oh yeah, and as of now, Chavo’s on RAW now thanks to the Draft Lottery trade deadline.