2005, Day 13


So, I was completely wrong.

Tiger Mask beat Minoru. Gedo beat Kanemoto. And Tiger Mask won it all over Gedo, becoming two time champion. Kanemoto and Benoit have also done it twice, and Lyger’s done it three times.

Tiger Mask becomes the first person to do a couple of things, if I’ve got my facts right:

– first to win consecutive Super J tournaments
– first to win the Super J tournament while IGWP Jr. Champion

The downside is it feels like a down year, and that feeling will be brought up when those accomplishments are mentioned.

I guess there are worse ideas. Like Gedo winning the whole thing. In my mind, this leads to Tiger Mask fairly saying he’s the greatest Junior in the world, and an outsider with a claim on that title challenging him. I doubt that’s where they’re going, but I wonder who’d fit that.

(Link to the table may be moving in the near future.)

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