2005, Day 9


A: Jado b Hirooki Goto

Well, that’s a bit of a surprise but I didn’t really think Goto was going to the next round, and I think that probably clinches it. Both these guys top out at 6, and it’s going to take at least 7 to move on.

A: Stampede Kid b Masahito Kakihara

That’s also a little bit of an upset, but really bodes well for Stampede. He’s the only one in the block who can get to 10, he’d have to lose out to not move on, and he’s got winnable matches versus Goto and Samurai remaining. I didn’t have him pegged as a guy who’d get to round two, and I’m still not sure he won’t blow it yet.

Kakihara is in the same boat as Goto and Jado. That’s great, because we’re finally starting to form some definition with Block A – just two days away from being done.

B: Gedo b Jushin Liger

OH! I screwed myself with this one, didn’t I? “There’s no way Gedo is getting another point” x 40 probably clinched it.

I think I can solve this block, with two assumptions
– the text next to the blocks say ties will be determined by head to head matches. Let’s assume that’s actually what they do.
– Black Tiger isn’t wrestling on the 18th.

That leaves this set of the contenders

Gedo: 8 points, vs Tiger Mask (06/18) [W vs Liger, L vs Inoue]
Liger: 8 points, but no matches [L vs Gedo, W vs Inoue, L vs Tiger]
Tiger: 8 points, vs Gedo (06/18) [W vs Liger, L vs Inoue]
Inoue: 6 points, vs Anzawa (06/16) and Takemura (06/18) [W vs Gedo, L vs Liger, W vs Tiger]

Inoue should win both of those matches, which will give him 10 points. The last spot comes down to Gedo and Tiger Mask, so you have the last day drama. (Which wouldn’t happen if Liger did beat Gedo, because Black Tiger’s not wrestling.)

If Inoue only got two points, he’d be ahead of Gedo or Tiger at 8, but not Liger. It devolves into many three way ties. Let’s hope that’s not how it goes.

06/16 Matches
A: Stampede Kid vs El Samurai

If Stampede wins, he’s got 8 points and a commanding lead. If Samurai wins, there’s a four way tie for first, all between people who have one more match left. Which way sounds like block A to you?

In fact, let’s break that out

Kanemoto: 6 points, vs Kakihara
Minoru: 6 points, vs El Samurai
Samurai: 6 points, vs Minoru
Stampede Kid: 6 points, vs Goto

Minoru and Samurai would really be screwing themselves with a draw – and yet, we haven’t had one this whole tournament. You don’t want that looming over you.

If this is the right scenario, I’m going with my hunch of Stampede Kid not moving on. Goto gets a nice big win to end it his tournament, and Stampede still has six points. Kanemoto gets enough out of his match with Kakihara (a draw will work) to move on, and Minoru beats Samurai so we have another heel in the final.

A: Masahito Kakihara vs Jado

The meaningless match you get at this point of the league.

B: Wataru Inoue vs Akiya Anzawa

Don’t trip!

2 Responses to 2005, Day 9

  1. Is Stampede Kid TJ Wilson, or Apoclaypse?

  2. Unless they changed it around this tour, I believe it’s TJ Wilson.