2005, Day 1


I should throw out that my pick is Inoue. Just a hunch.

And you know I made that pick before this started, ’cause he opened with a loss.

Day 1:
A: Hirooki Goto b El Samurai
A: Koji Kanemoto b Stampede Kid
B: Black Tiger b Akiya Anzawa
B: Jushin Lyger b Wataru Inoue

Updated League Box

A: Hirooki Goto vs Koji Kanemoto
A: Masahito Kakihara vs Minoru
B: Black Tiger vs Katsushi Takemura
B: Gedo vs Wataru Inoue
B: Jushin Lyger vs Tiger Mask

Goto/Kanemoto and Lyger/Tiger Mask are obviously going to be big matches in affecting their brackets, though I’m a little more intrigued with the matchup of Takemura vs Black Tiger; it’s a special “guys I like more than most” collision.

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messed up value system


1: I’m deeply involved with reading material at the moment, which make updates a bit less common or lengthy than usual.

So (drink!) I get this message: “I can’t go to the Cubs game. I’ve got a playoff volleyball playoff game on Monday.”

I haven’t talked to a soul since. It’s hard to fanthom that there are people who would rather play (and to be realistic, lose in a harsh and painful way) in co-ed barely competitive indoor volleyball leagues than go to a Cubs game; Communications had to cut be cut off, lest I risk meeting more people equally insane.

This is a person who has
– taken an (online!) IQ test, noted his IQ was 3 less than genius and was sure the test was corrupt if he was that high
– been thrilled to figure out how to swear in text messages today

Maybe it’s just temporary insanity.

Of course, it’s another level of distastfulness if he’s even slightly passing up the ticket because the Cubs look like a .500 team right now (and that’s if things break their way.) Es muy malo.

I go down with my sinking ships! It’s a fatal flaw.

2: Forgot to do picks for OO.

I got the reminder on Wednesday, had plenty of time then, had a lot of time for nothing on Thursday, had a decent amount of time predeadline Friday, and still managed to screw it up. This also happens when I get too engrossed…and if it’s good enough to miss deadlines, what am I doing here?

See you in the morning for Day 1 JCup results.

(no you can’t have the ticket)

kiss of death


Checking today’s Cubs notes column:

[roving baserunning instructor and former Cardinal Vince] Coleman came from Double-A West Tenn and had a chance to see outfielder Felix Pie, who still needs to work on his baserunning before he’s ready for the big leagues. “He’ll be the Michael Jordan of baseball,” Coleman said of Pie.

Jordan baseball stats ( – Polish Jordan Tribute site? Huh.)

.202 AVG
.285 OBP
.266 SLG

Exciting! That quote is insane in many ways, I don’t know why that one appealed to me most.

you’re it


Deep deep into the now horribly miscast WWE Info page are the (2001 on) WCW Tag Team Title Championship history and the complete CW Tag Team championship history. By which I mean, “both title matches.”

title matches which only exist in my mind

Matt & Shannon b Rey & Kidman (02/20/03 – SD!!) [title change]
Matt & Shannon b Rey & Brian Kendrick (03/27/03 – SD!)
Rey & Kidman b Matt & Shannon (07/24/03 – SD!) [title change]
Tajiri & Nunzio b Rey & Kidman (09/11/03 – SD!) [title change]
Jamie Noble & Ultimo Dragon b Tajiri & Nunzio (11/06/03 – SD!) [title change]

As one might guess, Jamie and Ultimo never teamed up again.

last man to break the story wins


No way! This a shocking piece of news! Surely not a way to grab attention on a day with no baseball games in town by beating a dead horse!

Stone didn’t break new ground

It’d be pretty impossible for anyone to do that on this story at this point, unless Stone was also in on the secret conspiracy to hide Prior’s super duper secret Tommy John surgery, include the part where Zambrano ended up with Rodman’s self-control.

Though I think I might have heard that angle already too.

This paces out to a “Cubs: Sosa no-show caused trade” headline sometime in July, I think.

2001 WCW Index


Looking deep into the archives today, stumbling into hilarious things like Sean O’Haire saying he’s not interested in going into kickboxing (because it’s not violent enough for him) and Mike Tenay boring Scott Hudson with how he got his job.

(note to UPW: STOP SENDING ME YOUR ADS. Thanks.)

I was going someplace with this, but now it’s an hour later and I’ve completely forgot. Whatever. 2001 index is up. Need to do CW TAG championship history at some point.

Velocity 05/14 and Heat 05/15


Velocity – hey, you know what would be great for Orlando Jordan? A challenger for his title. The problem is this is the list of faces on SmackDown!

Big Show – otherwise busy
Booker T – otherwise busy
Charlie Haas – otherwise busy (did you notice the Hardcore Holly style trunks?)
Hardcore Holly – otherwise busy
Heidenreich – awful awful match
John Cena – otherwise busy
Mark Jindrak – awful awful match
Paul London – otherwise busy
Rey Mysterio – otherwise busy
the Undertaker – out of his league
(who am I forgetting?)

If cruiserweights besides Rey weren’t strictly prohibited from challenging for singles titles, you could throw in Funaki, Nunzio, Scotty 2 Hotty, Shannon Moore plus heels like Akio, Kidman, who’d all be better than nothing. OJ feuding with a cruiserweight would be the best possible solution for him – he’d have a solid worker as an opponent, and it wouldn’t be implausible for him to get the win. It wouldn’t be particularly heated, but there’s no option where that’s going to happen.

(He’ll do a six man tag with the Bashams against Jindrak, Nunzio and Funaki, at Judgment Day, I’m sure.)

The larger problem is the SmackDown! writers are handicapping themselves by dq-ing all the cruiserweights from feuds with a heavyweight (with the previous noted exception of Rey.) WCW could afford to do that because they had a billion people signed. The split brand rosters are much smaller, and things getting mighty repetitive if you’re cutting out a third of the roster on size issues. It’s going to get worse if they’re bringing in the lucha guys to using them the same way.

Heat – the CM Punk stuff was definitely odd. The Heart Throbs doing a serious promo (or half of one) was definitely odd. Either Maria would already be with Romeo and Antonio on a permanent basis if they weren’t doing the same exact bit with MNM, or she’ll be with them anyway in the next few weeks.

Hey, if you can stand good dramatic cartoons, Cartoon Network is reairing the first 20-whatever episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, Monday thru Wednesday overnight at 1am E/P, starting with the first episode tomorrow. (This is one of those ‘anyone who might care already knows’ bit, I’m sure.) Skip Stand Alone Complex – anything you saw gets reversed the next week, and is really annoying on the way.

not really F


Do I need a site FAQ?

I’m leaning towards “No, the only people who come here already know everything they need to know.”

lost on the way to st. louis


Driving today, and notice the car in front of me has some piece of paper wedged inside the bottom left corner of the rear windshield. As usual mid-west Chicago suburbs, there’s plenty of traffic and sitting around to get close enough for a look. I get close enough to look at it, and almost die laughing because of the randomness.

In big Times New Roman letters, the paper says



“Randy Orton” drives an aqua Toyota Tercel in case you were wondering.

Has anyone seen this? Top 50 Matches WWE from 2000-2004 – 50-36, 35-21 (WrestleLine)

still have to do laundry


Lunch for my birthday: lemon drops and a lemonade gatorade. And now my tounge is yellow-ish green and apparently bleeding, how gross.

Distracting myself by catching up

– the 2005 indexes are up to date, for 4 whole hours!
– and the resulting title histories should be good for now, too. In general, I think I’m probably only going to bother to update these after each PPV, but I may not get in the habit.
– 2005 Judgment Day Tournament and 2005 Gold Rush Tournament Brackets are in the Info. Don’t ask me why I bothered.

Still want to write about a couple baseball games, but may save posting them till tommorow. I’m really glad there’s an off day today.

I don’t know why everything is a Flatliner to me. I think I blackout and think about Kanyon. Still. I really know I need to stop doing that.

I forgot to mention this in the twelve hour long Lucha Va Voom recap, and how is that actually possible, but Blaine has this white suit/red shirt combo which is only one wild pattern away from being a Batman villian. If the writing thing doesn’t work out for him, he should look into it.

I figure all my unknown hits are coming from Kane, surfing the ‘net with a red light on. I bet Kane looks up a lot of weird serch terms. Also, the Bashams apparently moved there (with Gail Kim!), and so need me to tell them how they look on Velocity.

The WWF used to spell Loki’s name oddly, depending on the visit, it was very strange.

I did go to Backlash and there’s notes I took from it, but I figured there’d be actual play by play later. Also, I killed the WWF by going, and I still feel bad about that.

I’m not sure what, if anything, I’m doing going to wrestling show-ish this weekend.

– there’s the two OELL shows on Saturday and Sunday, but if I saw this main event – Cien Caras & Mascara Ano 2000 vs Pierroth & El Hijo del Pierroth – on CMLL TV, I’d be surfing the net in between falls, so why do I want to pay see this?

It’s not even Pierroth’s fault, as much fun as it is to hate on Pierroth; if it was Pierroths vs Veneno & Violencia, I’d be all over this match. Maybe that’s just my love for Veneno. Maybe I’m not cool enough to get the Dynamite Brothers. Maybe I just think it’s like seeing Undertaker and Kane, but if they weren’t ‘Undertaker’ and ‘Kane’ to me.

If I had to rank the Capos, and let’s say I must, it’d go in this order
1) Apolo Dantes – huge boost based on possibly having won his feud with Giant Silva (do you see Silva around anymore? I think that’s a win.)
2) Universo 2000 – willing to go, sometimes! occasionally willing to lose his mask
3) Mascara Ano 2000 – impossible to fill this blurb
4) Cien Caras – been retiring for the last four+ months. Should’ve retired much sooner.

I’m getting the worse ones, I’m getting a feud I don’t care that much about, and I’m getting a lot of boredom as the never ending time between matches, uh, never ends. (That’s the one problem Congress never has.) The Mascarita/Futuro tag match should be fun, but I’ve seen those guys plenty, so I don’t feel a huge need ot see them again.

– and there’s the ROH show in Chicago Ridge. Like with Backlash, these have had a pattern of being a lot better when I don’t go, so I’m tempted to use martyr-dom to get out of going. I’m lazy FOR THE PEOPLE.

ROH shows work for me depending on how many guys I already dig are on the card; it’s hard to like new guys based on seeing them once every couple months, and I need to find someone to like before getting there, because the combination of wrestler pandering and fans overloving guys makes me too cynical to like someone new. (I’m cold FOR THE PEOPLE. That catchphrase has slightly less chance of working then “I’ll bury them – like cheese!”)

All they’ve got American Dragon, and I’m not sure if I’m ready yet to forgive him for having a match no one could actually watch last time. Still, it’d be awful neat to see him win the ROH Title (though odds would seem against it – Aries is supposed to defend the title in Mexico on Sunday, though again who knows if Gabe is booking for Mexico). Doug Williams is one of those guys you hear a lot positive about, and randomlly I’ve opted to believe all that about him, so that could be a really good match if Dragon ends up in that one.

The rest of the matches, eh. Punk’s going to kill Rave, or Rave’s going to win in a tremendously unimpressive way. I think I want Cabana to win, but I could care less about the rest.

You do have the chance, if Gibson can repeat his performance of last time thru, to have the least attentive smart audience for a smart match, with Gibson facing B.J. Whitmer. Off the charts in possible apathy.

I’m not really fired up to see either of these shows, and I keep thinking I’m best to be doing something else if keep feeling that way. Of course, I wouldn’t even be having this external internal dialouge if I had something else I really wanted to do, so I dunno.

If I had to decide right now, I think I’m staying home (or maybe going to a Cougars game). But feel free to convince me otherwise.