Velocity 05/30 and Heat 05/31


Arm is feeling a little bit better. Maybe I’ll be able to get some decent sleep tonight.


The list of SmackDown! Brand pay per views:

Vengeance (Vince vs Zach, Brock vs Angle vs Lesnar)
No Mercy (Show vs Eddie, Undertaker vs Lesnar)

No Way Out (Angle vs Show vs Cena, Lesnar vs Eddie)
Judgment Day (Cena vs Rene, JBL vs Eddie)
Great American Bash (Bradshaw vs Eddie, Undertaker vs Dudleys)
No Mercy (Cena vs Booker, JBL vs Undertaker)
Armageddon (JBL vs Undertaker vs Booker vs Eddie, Cena vs Jesus)

No Way OutCena vs Angle, JBL vs Big Show
Judgment Day: Eddie vs Rey, JBL vs Cena

I’ve seen zero of these. My snap judgment is Judgment Day could be the best, but only because there’s a lot of less than appealing cards in the mix.


Robert Conway is the only guy to work over a body part and actually have it play directly into the finish.

How come they haven’t thought of a alter ego name for Stacy? There’s gotta be a lame pun in there somewhere.

Look, STO properly called! That’s 1 for 1000.

Edit: Justin beats me with the Tale of the Tape, knowing the secondary characters from long forgetton ABC sitcoms.