but what does Funaki think


Friday, Rick addressed an issue close to the heart of the website: the future of the WWE B-Shows.

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Velocity (spike) becomes Afterburn (syndi – may change name)
Heat (spike) becomes Bottom Line (syndi – may change name)
Experience (spike) becomes WWE Tonight (USA Sundays)
Marc Lloyd becomes unemployed (guessing)

The plus of this is the Tonight show (ahahah barf) can be use as the pre-PPV show without robbing Maven of screen time. The downside is I’ll have to figure out when these shows are on (assuming they are – Afterburn seems to be off WCIU here and they’ll show anything.)

best part: the stupid Heat open DIES. YES.

2 Responses to but what does Funaki think

  1. They don’t have Afterburn, but they do have 2 hours of Batman tonight. HMMM.

  2. Wow, OO’s encapsulation of this issue was…odd. When did Scaia turn heel?