2005, Day 5


I updated yesterday and today. I figure you’re smart enough that you don’t need me telling you. You can thank me later.

While Block A ends the first half of the tournament still the muddled mess we had it figure for – mostly due to El Samurai getting his token win over Kanemoto of all people – we’ve got some people actually already out in Block B.

At 0 point and with only 2 matches left, Akiya Anzawa is out. Even if he got all four points left on the board, at least one of the four people with 4 points absolutely will get to 5 and Tiger Mask has 6, so there’s no way for Anzawa to make top 2.

Katsushi Takemura isn’t officially eliminated, because he’s got one more match left than Anzawa. However, the scenarios for him moving on are very limited.

Here’s one attempt

Gedo [5] DCO Black Tiger [5]

Tiger Mask [8] b Inoue [4]
Takemura [2] b Liger [4]

Takemura [4] b Anzawa [0]
Tiger Mask [10] b Black Tiger [5]

Gedo [6] DCO Jushin Liger [5]

Anzawa [2] b Inoue [4]

Black Tiger [6] DCO Jushin Liger [6]
Tiger Mask [12] b Gedo [6]
Takemura [6] b Inoue [4]

12 Tiger Mask
06 Black Tiger
06 Gedo
06 Takemura
06 Liger
04 Inoue
02 Anzawa

When you’re hoping for draws and a four way tie, it’s not looking so good.

At any rate, while I could believe wins over Anzawa and even possibly Inoue, the mandatory win over Liger is highly unlikely.

Tiger Mask is pretty safely onto the semifinals. He’ll probably drop the match to Black Tiger to build up the feud, but he should grab at least two points from Gedo and Inoue, and 8 should get you thru.

Despite being in the peloton, Wataru Inoue has a good lineup for a big run at the end. While he restarts with Tiger Mask (and I don’t think that’s beyond salvaging), he should be able to sweep Anzawa and Takemura to get to 8, and at least a tie breaker.

Gedo has Black Tiger, Liger, and Tiger Mask. It was a nice run.

Black Tiger should get two points there, and then I’m not exactly sure. He’s gotta get on to the next round, I’m just not sure if he does it by running over Liger and Tiger Mask, or sneaking in.

Who’s left? Liger. Liger is Liger. Either he gets in, or he doesn’t get in, he’s still Liger, it doesn’t actually matter. The more I think about it, the more he should’ve been in Block A to give it some direction.

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