2005, Day 3


Block A
Jado b El Samurai
Stampede Kid b Minoru

Block B
Tiger Mask b Akiya Anzawa
Gedo b Katsushi Takemura

Stampede Kid taking the win surprised me enough that I started to worry I was confusing Minoru Tanaka with some new guy also named Minoru; that’s a big loss for a guy who was Jr. Champion at the start of the year. He’s 0-2 now; gotta figure he’s going to make a run at some point and Block A still remains quite winnable.

Stampede could start a mini-run with a win over Jado. But’s is A Block; anyone could be that second seed into the playoffs.

I’m thinking no one wishes Mexican wrestling paid more than Katsushi Takemura. If you lose to Gedo, you can not win. Takemura has Liger (likely L), Tiger Mask (even more likely L), Wataru Inoue (sounds like an L), and Akiya Anzawa. He might get a win over Anzawa, since Anzawa will get his wins in the U-30 tournament, but that’s not sure thing.

Link to the table. Need to place it on the side.

A few off days till shows on Friday and Saturday and then the long tournament break.

Block A
Hirooki Goto vs Masahito Kakihara
Jado vs Stampede Kid

Block B
Akiya Anzawa vs Gedo
Katsushi Takemura vs Tiger Mask

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