such a tease


Ooooh, Dave plays the part of mysterious foreshadowing!

For those thinking of skipping tonight’s show, you probably want to reconsider, and I’m not being sarcastic with that remark.

I’m off to the Cubs game and my TiVo is only getting hour two of the show (24! Finale! Kinda getting sick of this show!), so I hope Matthew waits till after 9 to make a shocking redebut.

I mean, the only reason to do the “blind man could see it coming” non-shocking bit would be to follow with the logical slightly-shocking (I am calling it right here, aren’t I?) followup.

(booking for the smarts would’ve been doing it the first Monday after the news broke because only they would’ve got it; booking it like they did only appeals to those who think they’re too cool for school because they’re privvy to secret inside information everyone knows. Casual fans get screwed, but whatever.)

Let me say, if he does show up, I think I might become even more a fan; part of the appeal of the Hardy Boys are they’re crazy crazy nutjobs, and this only makes the gimmick real-er.

Now watch and it’s something dumb, like Benoit gets twenty minutes and the world title.

4 Responses to such a tease

  1. If I had to guess I would say The Rock will be showing up.

  2. So what did he mean? Heyman? Psh.

  3. Oh wow, Vince and Heyman get to gloat over Eric. Truly an innovative moment in RAW history.

    Is Eric vs Heyman the only match they’re going to announce?

  4. Specifically he must’ve meant Vince And Eric And Heyman in this very ring at the same time. Thanks for getting us unnecessarily excited about a show that was already going to end horribly, D.