05/22 Results


05/22 results

A: Koji Kanemoto b Hirooki Goto
A: Masahito Kakihara b Minoru
B: Black Tiger b Katsushi Takemura
B: Wataru Inoue b Gedo
B: Tiger Mask b Jushin Lyger

Table. I’m not doing much analyzing till the break.

Tiger Mask vs Lyger was just over 8 minutes. They’ll meet again.

Next matches are on 05/24

A: El Samurai vs Jado
A: Minoru vs Stampede Kid
B: Akiya Anzawa vs Tiger Mask
B: Katsushi Takemura vs Gedo

Tiger Mask getting a win seems to be the only sure result here. OTOH, he could be the only one of these eight to come close to moving on.

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