2005, Day 1


I should throw out that my pick is Inoue. Just a hunch.

And you know I made that pick before this started, ’cause he opened with a loss.

Day 1:
A: Hirooki Goto b El Samurai
A: Koji Kanemoto b Stampede Kid
B: Black Tiger b Akiya Anzawa
B: Jushin Lyger b Wataru Inoue

Updated League Box

A: Hirooki Goto vs Koji Kanemoto
A: Masahito Kakihara vs Minoru
B: Black Tiger vs Katsushi Takemura
B: Gedo vs Wataru Inoue
B: Jushin Lyger vs Tiger Mask

Goto/Kanemoto and Lyger/Tiger Mask are obviously going to be big matches in affecting their brackets, though I’m a little more intrigued with the matchup of Takemura vs Black Tiger; it’s a special “guys I like more than most” collision.

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