messed up value system


1: I’m deeply involved with reading material at the moment, which make updates a bit less common or lengthy than usual.

So (drink!) I get this message: “I can’t go to the Cubs game. I’ve got a playoff volleyball playoff game on Monday.”

I haven’t talked to a soul since. It’s hard to fanthom that there are people who would rather play (and to be realistic, lose in a harsh and painful way) in co-ed barely competitive indoor volleyball leagues than go to a Cubs game; Communications had to cut be cut off, lest I risk meeting more people equally insane.

This is a person who has
– taken an (online!) IQ test, noted his IQ was 3 less than genius and was sure the test was corrupt if he was that high
– been thrilled to figure out how to swear in text messages today

Maybe it’s just temporary insanity.

Of course, it’s another level of distastfulness if he’s even slightly passing up the ticket because the Cubs look like a .500 team right now (and that’s if things break their way.) Es muy malo.

I go down with my sinking ships! It’s a fatal flaw.

2: Forgot to do picks for OO.

I got the reminder on Wednesday, had plenty of time then, had a lot of time for nothing on Thursday, had a decent amount of time predeadline Friday, and still managed to screw it up. This also happens when I get too engrossed…and if it’s good enough to miss deadlines, what am I doing here?

See you in the morning for Day 1 JCup results.

(no you can’t have the ticket)

kiss of death


Checking today’s Cubs notes column:

[roving baserunning instructor and former Cardinal Vince] Coleman came from Double-A West Tenn and had a chance to see outfielder Felix Pie, who still needs to work on his baserunning before he’s ready for the big leagues. “He’ll be the Michael Jordan of baseball,” Coleman said of Pie.

Jordan baseball stats ( – Polish Jordan Tribute site? Huh.)

.202 AVG
.285 OBP
.266 SLG

Exciting! That quote is insane in many ways, I don’t know why that one appealed to me most.