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Deep deep into the now horribly miscast WWE Info page are the (2001 on) WCW Tag Team Title Championship history and the complete CW Tag Team championship history. By which I mean, “both title matches.”

title matches which only exist in my mind

Matt & Shannon b Rey & Kidman (02/20/03 – SD!!) [title change]
Matt & Shannon b Rey & Brian Kendrick (03/27/03 – SD!)
Rey & Kidman b Matt & Shannon (07/24/03 – SD!) [title change]
Tajiri & Nunzio b Rey & Kidman (09/11/03 – SD!) [title change]
Jamie Noble & Ultimo Dragon b Tajiri & Nunzio (11/06/03 – SD!) [title change]

As one might guess, Jamie and Ultimo never teamed up again.

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  1. Justin Shapiro

    I expect more in the way of ingenuity from you.

    4/04 – Ultimo Dragon leaves WWE; GM Kurt Angle lets Jamie Noble choose a new partner. He gets a three month window to make this difficult decision.

    6/24/04 SD – Noble chooses Chavo Guerrero after they develop newfound respect for one another during a CW battle royal.

    7/8/04 – Noble/Chavo’s first match together as champions is a six-man tag, Mysterio/Spike/Scotty vs Akio/Noble/Chavo.

    7/15/04 SD – Rey/Spike b. Chavo/Noble [title change]; however, titles are returned to Chavo/Noble because Spike doesn’t want to win that way after Dudleys interference.

    8/19/04 SD – Chavo/Noble b. Kidman/London [WWE and CW tag title unification match]

    9/8/04 – with Chavo injured and Noble fired, now-unified belts are returned to Kidman/London.

    9/9/04 SD – Kidman/London drop unified belts to legendary light heavyweight tandem Dupree/Suzuki, dissolving the CW portion of the titles.

    but wait!
    5/5/05 SD – MNM b. Scotty/Shannon – the belts return? ONLY TIME WILL TELL

  2. If you go look through the house show results, I’m tempted to say Tajiri and Nunzio weren’t even the champs for very long thus no way Noble and Ultimo could have won them.