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Deep deep into the now horribly miscast WWE Info page are the (2001 on) WCW Tag Team Title Championship history and the complete CW Tag Team championship history. By which I mean, “both title matches.”

title matches which only exist in my mind

Matt & Shannon b Rey & Kidman (02/20/03 – SD!!) [title change]
Matt & Shannon b Rey & Brian Kendrick (03/27/03 – SD!)
Rey & Kidman b Matt & Shannon (07/24/03 – SD!) [title change]
Tajiri & Nunzio b Rey & Kidman (09/11/03 – SD!) [title change]
Jamie Noble & Ultimo Dragon b Tajiri & Nunzio (11/06/03 – SD!) [title change]

As one might guess, Jamie and Ultimo never teamed up again.