2001 WCW Index


Looking deep into the archives today, stumbling into hilarious things like Sean O’Haire saying he’s not interested in going into kickboxing (because it’s not violent enough for him) and Mike Tenay boring Scott Hudson with how he got his job.

(note to UPW: STOP SENDING ME YOUR ADS. Thanks.)

I was going someplace with this, but now it’s an hour later and I’ve completely forgot. Whatever. 2001 index is up. Need to do CW TAG championship history at some point.

3 Responses to 2001 WCW Index

  1. I was just wondering what do you think Heat will be, the night of One Night Stand? Will it be a typical Heat, or will they have an ECW-centered Heat.


  2. I think it’d have to be an ECW-centered Heat, but I can’t actually imagine that.

    This is one of those issues people watching may wonder about, but the people working on it probably won’t be thinking much about it till the week of.