near the finish line


tAR final in a nutshell: The greatest moment of this season is when they went to the Fort where WWE did Heat (and Experience) for New Years Revolution.

Okay, maybe not for YOU. Maybe you just thought the it was great when the awesome nice couple won, and that was nice too.

I need a break from this show just so I don’t have to hear 200 variations of ‘baby’ an hour.

homework assignment: I’ve found a recap of every relevant WWF show in 2001 (give or take Insurexxtion – were there any specials I might have forgotten?), except for the 05/12/01 Jakked (or equiv Metal) recap. Google was no help. I didn’t do it myself because I was moving, it was my birthday, and I think I was supposed to pick up a certificate of achievement – all lame excuses! (And stuff that makes me go ‘whoa, that was four years ago? dang’)

I have no idea how I’m going to do work this for ’00 – realistically, I know it’s going to be impossible to be complete unless I take some less desirable shortcuts and even then, I’ll surely find myself spending large amounts of time looking for obscure Jakked recaps. I don’t know if that’s a healthy and sane way to be spending free time.

The annoying realization is most of the sites from the Austin/Rock period are vanished off the map, and their content’s gone with them. I know there were plenty of G.P. Ryan weekend syndi recaps on old sites, but I also know some of those old sites are long gone.

If the wrestling of ’00 happened now, those sites would still probably be around five years later, because it’s bandwidth and space is so much cheaper now. At least that’s my working theory.

What I really should do next isn’t the stuff from 00, but the other obvious stuff left from ’01. And that’s what I’ll probably do.

Wednesday is catch up day, but mostly laundry so I don’t think y’all will be that interested. I should tell you about tonight’s Cub game and last weekend’s KC game, but 2AM, and that’s apparently my bedtime this week.