04/05 stats


Hey, even later!

Everything went back down in April. So weird.

Top Articles
02/10/01 WOW – me
11/24/03 RAW – Scott
04/05 WM21 Preview – Joe and a cast of thousands
08/16/04 RAW – Scott

02/14/05 RAW – James
01/30/05 Rumble – Butch
11/17/03 RAW – Scott
04/02/05 ROH – Joe

Top Statics
12/2004 .com blog entries (huh?)
Lucha Times (which was been completely useless in April so – huh?)
Cubs Index (also useless)
John Cena Raps (also – getting the idea?)
CMLL Index
category wlinks blog entries
2004 index RAW
WWE/Info index
Scott Christ index
Women’s Title index

Search Engine: Google 4.5 to Yahoo 1
Search Key Phrase: CMLL Blog (!)
Search Key Word: WWE

Referers (combining a couple of entries – there was a discussion about (former? long time no talk) guest writer Homer J. Fong stealing the identity of their Homer J. Fong.

Top 12 Countries, because why not
1) US
2) Canada
3) Unknown
4) Australia
5) European Union
6) Mexico
7) Japan
8) Great Britian
9) Germany
10) Italy
11) Puerto Rico
12) India

LLV 05/05


Here. For Hobbes. Sorry I took so long!

Must try and get sleep now. Cubs game tommorow. The good thing about these games is we’re all together, so we can immediatly start group therapy after the game.