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Working on ’01 index. Found this

(09/02 Heat)

Cole: Nice to have you here, I guess. Just a programming note – I assume you’re gonna to be sitting next to me Tuesday night in Toronto for the special presentation for Live Smackdown 8/7 Central on UPN Tuesday night. [ECW chant throughout] You are gonna be there, right?

Tazz: Yea, I’ll be there, and I think that we’ve established on the show that Al Snow is taller then me. I have a question – does that mean you can kick my ass since you’re taller then me, I’m just want to throw that out there. [crowd shouts]

Cole: Well, nonetheless, Al.

Al: You’re a little short tempered there, Tazz. Just calm down. We’re all friends here. [three people try a “kick his ass” chant]

Tazz: I don’t have any friends, let’s just go on with the interview.

Cole: Well, nonetheless, I was just gonna say, it was actually sort of fun to be out here with my ex-co-host, Tazz, of this show and my new co-host of Sunday Night Heat, Al Snow. I thought it was gonna be a little bit of fun but obviously it’s a little bit uncomfortable out here. [two people go for a “fight” chant]

Al: I think this a great show, I think it’s a great opportunity, this is a fantastic show to be on Heat, isn’t it? [crowd cheers]

Cole: Right!

Al: I like this!

Tazz: Speaking of opportunities, I mean, you know, I just wanna reinforce that the only reason you’re on this show, Al, is that I decided to join the Alliance, opportunity knocked, you answered the door and you slimed your way into this job. And just, as a matter of factor, when the Alliance takes over completely, you will be jobless, well then again, you’re never really jobless, but you won’t be doing Sunday Night Heat, trust me.

[Cole sees the train coming and has given up on trying to get out of the way. The crowd is rooting for it to come on and hard]

Al: Okay, we’ll move on, okay, I mean, we saw you last night on Excess-

Tazz: Actually, let me cut you off there Al, I gotta – I think we started this interview off wrong. Uh, something’s missing. A hug. Don’t you usually hug people? You didn’t hug me.

Al: Well, if you want a hug, if it’s help cheer up your disposition, I’ll be glad to give you a hug.

Tazz: Yea, you know what (to the crowd) Hold up! (to Al) Why don’t you come hug me, Al? [Mixed, but loud reaction from the crowd.]

Al: Speaking of hugs, I’m sure you hugged Nidia and Taylor, they were on Excess last night. You know, the girls from Tough Enough, you probably hugged them, right?

Tazz: No, I didn’t hug them, Excess went great, speaking of Tough Enough. Speaking of Tough Enough, isn’t it ironic, isn’t convenient, that on Tough Enough alls we see is you, Al? The WWF Superstar Al Snow. How convenient for MTV and the WWF to just show the just footage of Al Snow training this kids. Let’s not show Tazz, beating the living hell out of these kids, ’cause Tazz is in the Alliance and we wouldn’t want to promote Tazz and the Alliance, would we, Big Time? [Crowd boos]

Al: Hey, Tazz, everybody knows, that your schedule would not permit you to be there as much as I was, and that’s the only reason that you’re not being shown on the air as much. It’s not because you’re in the Alliance, but because of the fact that you’re in the Alliance, you made a choice, you made a decision, and that was to – and that decision was to go of and join the Alliance, and now you’ve got to deal with the repercussions of making that decision.

Tazz: Oh really? So, all of the sudden, like do on Tough Enough, you just became my father?

Al: Hey, I don’t become nobody’s father, [Tazz: “c’mon”] and just because I don’t share your world view of what kick ass is or what hardcore is and because maybe I laugh stuff and that’s how I deal with the lunacy of this business and I don’t send it home and let my misery and my paranoia rule my life does not mean that I’m not kick ass or hardcore! [some cheers of support for Al at the end. Al turns to Cole, who’s got a hand on his head in anguish] You know what Michael, [turns to Tazz] since I’m a professional, and because I’ll be on the show next week and YOU WON’T, [back to Cole] I think one of needs to get up and leave and I will!

[Crowd chants for Al as he places his mic down, gets up and heads off stage, away from Tazz.]

Cole: Well, Al, I don’t-

Tazz: [Ignoring Cole] Yea, I’ll just be doing Smackdown. Walk away, Al, walk away like the [muted – pussy] that you are!

[Al stops in his tracks – crowd does the “ooooooh.” Cole’s hand goes back to his head. Al turns around and walks back. Al asks Tazz if he really thinks that Al’s [mute] and Tazz confirms it and they goes face to face. Cole tries to get in between the two and get them to stop but he’s not even there to them and they’re yelling at each other from a very short distance. Security quickly gets in the way and separates them before anything else can happen, but Tazz still manages to get muted. Security forces Tazz away, and we head to break]

This was so awesome at the time. They never followed up on it – Al made some one liners as Tazz got jobbed and turned face, and then they were buds again.

There’s something I want this to say about the London/Akio stuff, but I can’t quick nail it – at least they’re getting the matches? it’d be completely unrealistic to imagine they’ll ever make it mean something? B-Shows are a complete waste of time because if anything the company deemed important actually happened, they’d make sure to go over it throughly on a bigger show because they expect no one to be watching the B-Show? I dunno.