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2001 index (last three months) – Now this thing is a very fine thing to do a database for.
European Title History – added! not quite the half Mr. Newz doesn’t have but getting there.

and updates to the ones on the side over there.


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craving the EA SPORTS Maui Invitational


I’d love to see your draw up the brackets for this tournament CMLL ran in late ’97.

I don’t think Robert’s every played league softball! – or watched the College World Series. (All fine things. To do and to skip.) This sounds to me like an unseeded double elimination tournament. I’m going to skip the randomness, just to make it easier to follow along.

WARNING: may be too large for your screen. Scroll bar ahead.


seventeen days away



Remember last year when I marked out over the Super J tournament? That was fun. I love tournaments, and I love complex tournaments involving two brackets of eights and the top three more. Plus, they had three US based guys I’ve been big fans of at various times in Danielson, Romero, and not-Daniels and a couple Japanese guys I have weird affinities for mostly based on their crossover appearances (Dragon, Heat.) And I ending up putting together those tables just so I could see it unfold better.

This year doesn’t seem to be quite as cool. Only 12, and the lineup’s not as fun: Stampede Kid instead of American Dragon, NJPW rookies instead of (sometimes in over their head) Japanese indy guys, veterans which were left out last year instead of big outside names. That means (shockingly more relevant in CMLL than he’s ever been in NJPW) Takemura does get to make the cut, which is nice, and I think I might dig that new Black Tiger fellow. Even though there’s less matches, there’s a really big momentum killer in the middle, making it more two small tours with a week in a half off between them. (Stampede really gets screwed here, going *19* days between tournament matches – does he have to go home for finals and they had to book around it or something?)

While match quality possibly could end making this tournament as one of the best, it doesn’t help me as a person who’ll never actually watch the matches. (If you knew how much unwatched wrestling I already have – and some of you do because you send tapes me to me – you’d yell at me for turning quality into paperweight.) I want some complex and with rooting interest, and this one appears to fall short of last year’s very high marks.

HowEVER, there are mitigating factors

– I’ve recently taken it upon myself to learn PHP and mySQL. These are things I may never ever need to use in Real Life, and has the equivalent functional value a person who never learns their small town learning Italian on a whim: you may impress people from time to time, but it’s not going to get you to Rome. (Then again, you never know when you’ll find yourself in Italy. And I’m thinking Italian does more for the ladies – if you’re a lady who prefers PHP, send an e-mail! With pictures! Thanks. Whoa, bad metaphor followed by digression followed by meta, must still be exhausted.) Still, I like to learn. Makes me think I could still be useful.

While a tournament grid isn’t the best thing to try via a database – or at least the way I planned it – doing so requires some ability to gather information and be creative, two other things I always could use practice at. And I love juicy coding ideas even more than tournaments, since they seem to be coming around less often for me.

– Stuart, Puroresu Fan‘s voice, and person running the most enjoyable NJPW website I read (note: that’s actually better than it sounds) is going to be taking a two month vacation. Which is fine and good, and everyone deserves a long vacation, but he’s leaving just as the tournament starts – what to do?

While I’m sure other people will try and fill his shoes, and it won’t be impossible to get results (even, you know, just going to the NJPW‘s .jp site), I *know* Strong Style Spirit would do a fine job with tournament results, but I don’t *know* for absolutely sure anyone else will – and what happens when I don’t know for sure someone’s going to do something I care about to a high standard, kids?

Yea, I do it myself. Watch this space.