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A BETTER question would be, when did the Women’s champ stop appearing on both shows?

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CRZ: (The first draft lottery?)


Justin: I believe it was when they switched to GMs.


As listed in the indexes (which I apparently should link to the main page – and also update the links which are there), Woman’s Champion Molly Holly was appearing on SmackDown! as late as 08/22, the last SmackDown before SummerSlam and Stephanie’s annoucement of his exclusive deal on the next RAW. They could’ve brought it up on the next RAW, but history notes they were more focused on bigger’s issues, like Molly’s hymen.

I’m thought I had included the SmackDown! Women’s title defenses on the Women’s Championship history, but I don’t see them there. Must’ve saved over them. Trish did face Stacy on the first Velocity.

I wanna say they at least explained the World Tag Team titles were exclusive, but a quick scan of the relevant RAW recaps doesn’t mention it. Maybe that’s just a figment of my mind.



I don’t argue Jericho doesn’t get two title reigns there – though my point was you could creatively tell it differently. I think the point I wanted to make was “wow, what a pointless title reign.”

And the Raw title isn’t a linear title. It was created in 2002 when HHH was handed it. There’s no reason to think that the WWE title lost it’s link to the WCW title.

Way not to actually engage my thoughts in any meaningful way, and just repeat the doctrine!

Also, we HAVE a James. I may be forced to call you Ted..dy.


Didn’t you read either of Scott Keith’s books, TCF? DON’T YOU KNOW STIPULATIONS MEAN NOTHING IN THE FEDERATION???????

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see Mick FOley re:WM2000

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I’m not sure if I’m supposed to explain this, but really, it doesn’t need an explaination: