deaths on saturday


GitS: This one I was less upset about. Nice job of making it completely gory, though. Please take your excessive plot explainations with you. To your death. The whole “the machines might have developed ghosts!” subplot makes me strongly desire the end of the season.

And that’s not counting all the extranous people who died on both shows. Whole lot of dying going on.

The finale of the original is also the only one that descends into that hyper-annoying “quote literature and pass it off as dialogue” style that got me so pissed off at the movies.

See, never gotten around to see the movie. The thing that’s bugged me about the series is the prophencity to use twenty words where two words would’ve worked and the twenty words are the most overwraught . And that they tremendously over explain things; they spent three minutes explaining her watch last epsiode so we could see it again here and have another three minute explaination. It feels like half of the series has been about explaining the plot of the other half; they might have been actually better living up to Stand Alone title. (The guy and his robot doll acting out a movie with one extra line episode was great because in the end, they just pointed out the extra line and let you guess what it meant.)

And they’re going for the record on most depressing ending – “politicians out manuever them and everyone is beaten and jailed or murdered” has got to be up there – although they’ve laid the ground work to turn it around next episode and I suppose they probably will (as well as bring her back to life – because it was such a dumb move which led to her death, it couldn’t possibly be real.)

Quick JLU via BT takes while I’m at it.

Task Force X: Fun! I have nothing else to say except the part where we saw Plastique’s impossible thin stomach, and then ripped off the secret fake stomach to reveal (explosives) and an even more impossibly thin stomach was hilarious.

the Balance: I don’t know if mystic episodes suck or Wonder Woman episodes suck, but something does. “I fixed it” was great. Between this episode and the next one, I became convinced Hawkgirl has not yet figure out her new outfit, and is actually fighting crime in her workout clothes.

Hunter’s Moon: Viglante works great for this series, because he was all sorts of hilarious here (except for the scene where he decides he hates all Hawk people and then wants to Vixen to get along with Hawkgirl in under a minute), but I think he’d get annoying quick. Vig! Vix! The whole side story about Hawkguy dying seems like a fakeout, because no one dies off screen.

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