actual conversation I had today (condensed)

[ring ring – actually it was on vibrate, so buzz – buzz – buzz]
Me: [watching the Cubs]: What’s up.
Mike [thru a static storm]: Hey.
Me: Hey.
Mike: What’s up.
Me: [not sure he’s hearing me.] Nothing much. Watching the Cubs take on the Reds in a night game.
Mike: Yea. Hey, don’t you have tickets to watch the Cubs take on the Reds in a night game, this series.
Me: Uh…uh oh. That kinda sounds familiar. [digs franticly thru drawer of random paper]
Mike: Was it today or Tuesday?
Me: [looking, looking, found it] Yea, I’ve got four tickets four tickets for – tommorow! Hey, you want to go?
Mike: Uh, sure. You need to round up other people.

And that’s sorta how I’ve spent my evening, except one person I’ve called twice about going hasn’t called back, and now I’m just deciding how long to stay up waiting without doing anything productive. (Unless ‘hitting refresh for updats on Fox’s elbow’ is productive.)

Mike’s getting Bulls Playoff Tickets off me for Wednesday, too. I later pointed out how he was getting to life the highlife off my dime (though not completely my dime), and he noted that at least he was remebering to use the tickets. Defeating me with logic, how truly unfair.

People who life was much more unfair to:

Chad Fox, likely getting elbow surgery and out for the season.
Nomar – but the good news is the surgery he’s having may actually allow him to be back in August or September.