Heat 04/24


Heat was Todd to the max. Hey, assuming they’re still paying Steven Richards, why couldn’t he and his busted face show up? It needed some more of the not suck.

I *think* we get matches next week for Velocity, but then I haven’t been paying enough attention to know if they’re already taped SmackDown!, plus they usually don’t bring people they’re not planning on using overseas so who knows how much we’ll get.

I can’t believe Backlash is next weekend. I mean, it’s four weeks since WM21, but it doesn’t feel like time for another PPV already. Maybe I’m just not at all excited for this PPV?

We’ve got
HHH vs Batista (rematch from WM)
Jericho vs Shelton (rematch from Taboo Tuesday and the RAW after)
HBK/Hogan vs Hassan/Daviari (no)
Edge vs Benoit (LMS – which may actually be good, but then I haven’t seen enough Edge PPV matches to hate him)
and nothing else. I guess Tajiri/Rhyno vs Hearthrobs (Shawn nixing “Heartbreakers” has to be one of the most predictable things ever), and something stupid with Chris Masters, but I can’t really figure what else. post-WM card is always repeat heavy, but the complete lack of hot issues (maybe I’m unfair and it’s just hot issues I care about) isn’t helping here.

Devil Rays vs Red Sox is the goofiest choice for a death feud ever.

Saving an short post: the 04/09 ELL-Mex report.

Velocity 04/23


Velocity. I was looking forward to the whole battle royale; we got two mintues. So disappionting. And I’m not even the battle royal freak.

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