2002 index


Remember the time before the brand split? Remember when things didn’t suck?

That wasn’t the rest of 2002 I just finished, oh no.

2002 WWF Index (pre split)

leading into updates for
Women’s Title History
World Tag Team Title History
IC Title History

I’m thinking about doing the European Title one day when I’m really bored. I’ll be doing the Hardcore Title once I solve cancer and world hunger AND the Cubs win the World Series.

(shut up)

(ripping my own work comment omitted!)



So. I thought after today’s day game, with just about one-tenth of the season done, would be a fine time to recap the season so far.

And then this happened

That’s not the season…but it’s going to make the next nine-tenths seem like thirteen-tenths. Not so good.

After the game, I’ll catch up.