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Right here. Guess I had a slow day today.

Was Triple H vs Kane title for title? gives Triple H a title reign, wrestling-titles does not. Newzbytes is down, making this process seem almost not worthless.

I think I want to say “sealed” instead of “finished”. I’m not totally sure what I want to say. Let me think about it.

neifi’s guns


Wonder how Neifi went 6 for 8 in the double header?

Perez walked up to two reporters in the clubhouse Tuesday and said, “You know why I’m playing?”

Perez then flexed his muscles like Popeye and walked away without saying a word.


Awesome. Good thing spinach isn’t on the banned substances list.

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unloved messiah


There’s a press release from Jesus on his website.

Things are looking good on the booking front as well as he has already had discussions with CMLL, Triple Mania, All Japan, Zero-1 Max, Hustle and the New Japan Dojo in Santa Monica.

Note to Aaron (or his web guy): You’re more likely to get the gig if you know the promotion’s name not Triple Mania.

Anyway, it got me thinking how much is sucks to be Rhyno right now. If he got himself released two weeks ago or two weeks from now, all by himself, he’d stand a much greater chance of recieving a ground swell of support – “he was ECW’s last champion! they never used him right! this sux!” – but since Matt’s departure was announced hours later, and Molly left the next day, he falls behind them on the list of critics darlings when he might have been the guy everyone would’ve been trumpting if he’d gone alone. He got lost in the mix while in WWE, and now he manages to get lost in the mix on the way out of it.

Jesus, on the other hand, was probably screwed regardless.

(I’m still in mourning for Matt’s WWE career. Give me a few more days.)

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your random one segment SD thoughts.


Computer came back, unshockingly with a new hard drive. I should set an alarm to go off in 14 months, so I’ll have a good one month warning on backing everything up.

One OMEGA out, one OMEGA in. Balance is kept in the force.

Fabulous coats.

OMG Mucha Lucha! I’m so in love with Melina now. This could work out.

They’re going to lose points if no one points out Nitro is the guy who used to be on RAW named Nitro.

Carlito is awesome, sitting in the reclining chair and taking it in. Why didn’t they think of this months ago?

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