World Tag Team Championship History


So, while watching Heat, I was trying to figure out exactly how many defenses William Regal and Tajiri had made now, and recalled I hadn’t yet done a title history thing for the RAW Titles. Turned out I had just enough down time to put it together this week.

Title reigns are only for these particular belts, and don’t include SD! Titles (since they’re seperate) or the WCW belts which were folded into these. As we continue to go backwards thru time on indexes, I’ll add the previous reigns, though I don’t quite believe we’ll get back to #1.

Not to point out the obvious or anything, but since last May, there’s been only one title match which didn’t involve La Resistance as champions or challengers, including all 4 of Regal and Tajiri’s defenses.

I had to triple check Kane winning these belts 8 times becuase it didn’t seem right. It’s true enough.

pointless numbers passing in the night: This is what happens when you actually wonder if the two weeks of Velocity they skipped ‘count’ as shows.

Assuming Regal and Tajiri hold onto the belts for the rest of the months, as of 04/30, there will be more (theoritical) episodes of Velocity than World Tag Team Champions, for the first time ever.

Velocity will get to 176 (or 177) before the plug gets pulled. Last year, there were 7 title changes, so assuming that’s average for the next few years, it’ll take till summer ’08 for the WWE to once again have more World Tag Team champions than episodes of Velocity.

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  1. It’s really amazing how convoluted the history of the belts are because of the Invasion. I swear the period of time after they introduced the WCW titles to the unification of all titles is just one big blur to me.

  2. Off-topic, but does anyone know what happened to

  3. Scott made a decision that since he had a seperate baseball site and he’s can write here when he has anything to write about wrestling (which, by the lack of WM recap, is quickly fading away), so he didn’t need a site of his own.

    I disagree. Then again, I have reviews of Boot Camp somewhere deep in here, so perhaps I shouldn’t be the one making judgements about what to keep.

  4. OMG Boot Camp – I watched every single episode of that show. Boy, did I suck back then.

    (This also applies to both series of “Joe Millionaire” as well as “Cupid”)