oh no!


Matt Hardy, Rhyno released


Edge and Lita must die.

edit I’m willing to start a collection jar to get IWA-MS to bring him in.

edit 2: I’m ALSO willing to start a collection jar to get a lucha promotion to bring him in. Tyme Page would mark out.

edit 3: Let me save you the PWI ad banners; the other two guys they’re mentioning as released are Aaron Aguilera (which everyone who got that annoying UPW spam the other day kinda knew) and Chilly Willy – both might’ve still be on Developmental deals at the time.

Jesus and my personal Jesus both gone in one day. What a world.

edit 4: Deep into thematthardy board I go to pull Matt’s response. A little too late to be brief and vague, don’tcha think?

6 Responses to oh no!

  1. Good deal storyline-wise for Kane since he won’t have to worry about revenge of the jealous boyfriend. Other than that, it totally sucks. I think I’m gonna relive the good old days with a Hardy & Moore vs. Ultimo & Funaki Velocity match.

  2. This sucks. So does the long-term doom of Velocity. So much suck.

  3. Holy crap, I have that tag match on tape…

    Can’t wait to hear what Hardy has to say about it.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever liked someone so much on-camera and wanted to hit them with a truck off-camera.

  5. And now Molly’s gone…

  6. And if you like reruns… (and me posting the links almost 48 hours later…)